Photo Challenge #276

Water, reeds and trees. That describes a lot of places in Westport.

Perhaps Gray’s Creek. Maybe Lee’s Dam. Or plenty of other spots in town.

Dick Lowenstein’s could-be-anywhere Photo Challenge last week was identified correctly by only one reader. Fred Cantor knew it was Sasco Creek, on the Westport/Fairfield border (Westway Road, to be exact).

Congratulations, Fred. And for the rest of you in 06880: His answer came from all the way in Laguna Niguel, California.

Perhaps someone in Westport will know the answer to this week’s Photo Challenge. If you — or anyone else, anywhere — does, click “Comments” below.

(Photo challenge/Amy Schneider)

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #276

  1. Sherwood island nature center

  2. Nancy McKeever

    Sherwood Island, in front of the Nature building that faces the sound.

  3. Nancy McKeever

    Yes, Sherwood Island in front of the Nature Center that faces the sound.

  4. Wendy Cusick

    Sherwood Island State Park east side of the park on the south side of the Nature Center
    Blue Marlin condo complex

  5. Peter Barlow

    Assuming everyone has it right, I’d like to know when do the birds arrive, how long do they stay, and what’s that sort of “lid” over each number? And why are they numbered?

  6. Once again, there is no fooling our “06880” readers. All correct: the blue marlin “condo complex” (as Wendy Cusick notes) at Sherwood Island State Park, near the Nature Center. Good job!

  7. Fire Department?

  8. Caryl Beatus


  9. Chip Stephens

    Sherwood Island In of front nature center East beach

  10. Stage lights at the Levitt Pavilion

  11. William Weiss

    Martin nest pods at the nature center Sherwood SP.

  12. They are Purple Martin gourds of which I am the Martin landlord. I started the colony in 2013 at the park when Phil Donahue donated 24 of his gourds to Sherwood Island after selling his Beachside Avenue property where he maintained 48 gourds in his colony.The Martins began arriving last week and soon at least 24 pairs will be back and nesting. The gourds are numbered as I record how many eggs are laid, hatched, and fledged from each nest. DEEP comes to band our juvenile birds every year in early July and by early August they will leave and migrate to Brazil fir the winter.

  13. Cindy Zuckerbrod

    Sherwood Island!

  14. Jalna Jaeger

    Martin gourd at Sherwood Island state park

  15. Marten bird houses at Sherwood Island

  16. I wrote martin bird house at Sherwood Island Park before but want to add its a purple martin bird house and its next to nature center.

  17. That would be at sherwood Island I think. Some sort of bird nest pole.

  18. Sherwood Island state park