0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 4 Gallery

Welcome back to “0*6*Art*Art*0.”

Every Saturday, we share readers’ artwork. Professional, amateur, old, young  — send us your painting, collage, sketch, photo, sculpture, chalkwork, cartoon, whatever.

The only rule is it must be inspired by, reflective of, or otherwise related to the times we’re going through. We’re all experiencing tons of emotions, and art is a wonderful way to express (and share) them. Email your submission to dwoog@optonline.net.

Here is today’s gallery.

PS: Keep the submissions coming. If yours is not posted yet, be patient. There will be more next Saturday. And, unfortunately, for some time to come.

“Social Distancing” (Guy Phillips)

“Happy Homemade Soup” (Penny Pearlman)

“Strength of a Lion.” Lora Mazurak drew this “to remind people that we are all lions, and to give strength and courage to fight this all together.”

“Stay Home. Stay Safe.” (Amy Schneider)

“Cherry Tree” (Myla Saperstein, age 11)

“Taking a Bath in Real Estate” (Nina Bentley)

“The Art of Breadmaking.” Bob Jacobs says, “While we’re not making dough at work, my wife Jane is making sourdough at home.”

Untitled (Elle LaFontan, age 14)

From Beth DeVoll’s collection. The Popeye cartoon strip was drawn for decades by Westport illustrator Bud Sagendorf.

Spotted at an Old Hill driveway, by Miggs Burroughs.

“In Good Shape” (Joyce Landon)

“Peaceful Sherwood Island” (Caryn Purcell)

4 responses to “0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 4 Gallery

  1. Eva Rosenblatt

    Nina, we can always count on you for a good chuckle through your art work.

  2. Luisa Francoeur

    Cherry blossom tree is amazing – good work ! And the Sherwood Island photo is gorgeous.

  3. Susan Thomsen

    Wonderful art!

  4. They’re all excellent, but the two childrens’ artwork is outstanding.