Westport Food Fund: The Sequel (Hint: Westport Rocks!)

Yesterday, “06880” announced the opening of a Westport Food Fund. The aim was to raise money for the 4% of our neighbors — 1,200 or so — who face food insecurity during the COVID-19 crisis.

The goal was $50,000. A couple of generous contributions had seeded the fund. But there was much more to raise.

Within 12 hours, that lofty goal was reached.

Organizers were ecstatic — and inspired. The new goal: $75,000.

Department of Human Services director Elaine Daignault says:

We don’t know how much longer and to what extent this crisis will affect the community. But we do know the challenges are significant.

Our mission is to ensure that Westport’s most vulnerable have food on their tables in the coming weeks, and perhaps months. The funds raised in just 24 hours will ensure that their most essential nutritional needs are met.

Our call volume increases every day. We now have more resources to help, thanks to the awe inspiring generosity and compassion of our town.

She  loved the hashtag in one of the comments: #westportstrong. Though she prefers a new one: #westportwow!


3 responses to “Westport Food Fund: The Sequel (Hint: Westport Rocks!)

  1. Dorie Hordon

    What a wonderful community we live in. Amazing how so much was raised in such a short time. Any thoughts about sending some of the excess to neighboring towns that might be feeling a need as well?

  2. Jennifer Barron

    How about helping Bridgeport or Norwalk? They are even worse hit than Westport!

  3. Linda Hudson

    Agreeing with Dorie and Jennifer about sharing the abundance of food funds!