In Uncertain Times, Rob Slosberg Offers Sanity, Knowledge

When the coronavirus outbreak hit, Westporters leaped to help.

Physicians treat physical symptoms. Therapists handle emotional ones. CVS and Walgreens clerks ease customers’ fears. A career coach provides free resume consultations.

But if you’re in advertising, what can you possibly do?

Rob Slosberg is a creative director. That’s apt: The 1982 Staples High  School graduate is quite creative.

His first thought was to spread “sanity and knowledge.”

That evening in his Westport home, he created a video. The goal: to show how staying home can prevent others from getting sick — and save lives.

He wrote a script, found stock footage, and spent all night editing it.

Rob Slosbereg

In the morning he sent it to Ellis Verdi, co-founder of Rob’s firm DeVito/Verdi.

He loved it too. Quickly, Ellis sent it to his connections at The Partnership for New York City.

They loved it. But they had one request: Could it include a quote from Governor Cuomo?


“That made the video much stronger,” Rob says. “It brought it to reality, and the present moment.”

By the next day, the video was in front of Cuomo. He must have loved it too.

The spot went from concept to on-air in 1 week. The average commercial takes 4 to 6 weeks.

It will run on donated media throughout the tristate area, and on Hulu.

“I just wanted to do something to try to help,” Rob says. “I never thought it would make it all the way up to the governor.”

I could tell you how compelling the PSA is. But it’s far more powerful to watch it yourself.

Just click below:

9 responses to “In Uncertain Times, Rob Slosberg Offers Sanity, Knowledge

  1. Thanks so much for this story, Dan. The more people we can get to think twice before going out or gathering together – the better off we will all be. I was glad we were able to get this on the air so quickly. Thanks again

  2. Alexis Donnerstag

    Just saw it on TV. Very well done!

  3. Dorothy Robertshaw

    I love Rob and alllllll of his creative Music and videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing this Dan

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  4. Dan, you had recently posted a story about Rob Slosberg and his song “Lucky Back Then” with these lyrics:
    “I wish I knew I was lucky back then.”
    I often think about those words now!

  5. Jo Ann Flaum

    Wonderful! It instantly made my calmer.

  6. Julie Beitman

    Awesome!!!! Well done Rob.❤️

  7. I saw this already on TV and loved how smart and caring it was. Didn’t know it was done right here. Amazing initiative. Congratulations Rob. Really well done.