COVID-19 Roundup: Peter’s Market; Easter Provisions; Dental Help, And More

For over 40 years, Peter’s Market has served Weston. For more than 30 of those years, owner Jim Magee has been there for 06883: supporting every community event, opening in all kinds of weather, anchoring the entire town.

He’s still open. But while online orders have increased, he’s been slammed by a sharp drop in foot traffic. Lunches and deli orders; last-minute buys from the Great Cakes bakery; revenue from the hot food, salad and soup self-serve lines — all have almost vanished.

He’s losing employees too. Some are caring for loved ones; others have chosen to stay home, fearful of becoming sick. He respects those choices. But now his staff is working longer hours.

So — very reluctantly — Jim set up a GoFundMe page.

Besides staying open, he’ll use the capital to pay vendors (many require payments up front or COD); install self-checkout lanes; hire additional healthy shoppers to help service orders; upgrade the online ordering system, and pay down debt.

He understands these are tough times for everyone. “If you can’t help financially, we welcome your ideas,” Jim says. “For instance, do we have any volunteer programmers or developers out there?” Call 203-227-2066, or email

The GoFundMe page proves Weston’s love for Peter’s Market. It’s already raised more than $61,000 of the $200,000 goal.

“Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated, ” Peter says. “Please stay safe and well.” (Hat tip: Jem Sollinger)

Jennifer Welch reports that BD Provisions — the great Fairfield bulk food store owned by Westporters Tony and Tara DiPippa — is creating Easter baskets for anyone who cannot shop for next Sunday’s holiday. “What a relief!” she says. “One less thing to do while homeschooling.”

Doctors have been inundated with COVID patients. But what happens when a patient has another medical emergency? Will the fear of infection impact care?

The other night, “06880” reader Dwain Schenck broke a tooth. In intense pain, he called his Westport friend Dr. Mark Samuels. Like many dentists, he keeps only emergency hours at his Stratford practice. But this was an emergency.

Early the next morning, he took care of Dwain. The grateful patient says, “Dr. Samuels treats dental emergencies to help keep local medical facilities open for other types of treatment. He’s helping hospitals and medical centers keep these type of emergencies out of the ER.”

Dwain was impressed by the many precautions taken at the dental office. Staff wore 2 masks and double gloves. They used a special mouth rinse, and took his temperature.

Dr. Samuels is not on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. But he — and all his colleagues — are heroic doctors nonetheless.

Dr. Mark Samuels

And finally, the late, great Marvin Gaye has an important question — and answer:

8 responses to “COVID-19 Roundup: Peter’s Market; Easter Provisions; Dental Help, And More

  1. Mel Liebergall

    Hey Dan — another tune for our times…

  2. Congrats to Dr Samuels- we’ll done!
    And if you can, Dan, please fix the caption where you put Mark’s name as “Howard”

  3. Peter’s Weston Market: Oh, My! I had just turned 17 and bought my first car when Peter Vetromile opened the Weston Market (in 1952?). I was the first “kid” he hired to restock shelves, sort empty soda bottles for recycling, and bag customers’ orders. I don’t remember what my hourly pay was, but it included lunch: Deli ham on a Kaiser roll with plenty of butter, or roast beef on a Kaiser roll with plenty of butter. In a generation that’s grown up thinking that food comes from GrubHub, it is gratifying to know that Peter’s continues to serve. The next time I was in Weston was in 1993. While my wife was doing a teacher-training workshop for the Wilton schools I drove over to Weston, to the market . . for a Deli ham sandwich on a kaiser roll with plenty of butter. So, folks, “…ask not what your country can do for you . . .”

  4. Brad French

    Jimmy Magee. Peter’s Market. Could be the best guy in Weston.

  5. i hope peter’s market and other places are applying for federal aide. the payroll loans will be forgiven. there are some other types of loans as well. lots of people are setting up gofundmes and a few i have spoken to have no clue about these aide programs under CARES Act.

  6. Dan, thanks for the news about Peter’s Market. I would have missed this, if not for 06880, because I’m not on Facebook. This is pretty amazing that so many Westonites have come out to help Jim stay in biz. An “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment