No April Fool’s Joke In A COVID Crisis

It’s April 1. But given the state of today’s world, there’s no way I can make light of anything.

Of course, we still have to laugh. Click here to relive the past 10 years of April Fool’s jokes, “06880” style.

In 2012, my April Fool’s story involved this couple moving to Westport.

6 responses to “No April Fool’s Joke In A COVID Crisis

  1. Jeff Jacobs

    Dan, Even though there’s no joke in Covid-19 or in much of your coverage, your column always makes me smile! And isn’t that really the aim of April’s Fool Day anyway?

  2. Amy Schneider

    Jeff Jacobs – well said!

  3. Luisa Francoeur

    It’s not too late, Dan! There must be a good April Fool’s piece hiding out somewhere. Consider it a way to take a break and refresh/reset yourself.

  4. Katherine Bruan

    HA! 🤪

  5. Bob Weingarten

    This is no April fools joke. When my wife came down for breakfast, the first thing she said was did you look at 06880 yet! She knows that Dan provides daily updates and it is the best site to visit for this purpose. NO THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE ALTHOUGH I’M USING THAT POST.