Happy 100th, Eloise Reilly!

In the midst of a grave health crisis, it’s important to celebrate milestones.

Which is exactly what Eloise Reilly’s friends and neighbors did on Sunday. (From a safe but loving distance, of course.)

After all, it’s not every day someone turns 100 years old.

Eloise — a longtime Westporter, and still-very-active community member — topped off her radiant look with a sparkling pink tiara.

Eloise Reilly (Photo/Darren and Sally Spencer)

“Eloise has seen a lot in her lifetime,” say her friends Darren and Sally Spencer, who tied a joyful banner around her house.

“But she always keeps a positive attitude. That should serve as a great lesson for all of us.”

It does indeed.

Happy birthday, Eloise, from your many fans in 06880 and beyond!

11 responses to “Happy 100th, Eloise Reilly!

  1. Wow! Happy birthday Eloise. You’re an inspiration to many of us.

  2. John D. McCarthy

    Happy Birthday!

  3. What an inspiration! She looks wonderful.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Happy Birthday from Sally Kellogg (daughter of Don & niece of Bill Kellogg). I know my Dad & Uncle Bill were old friends of yours.


  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Eloise! Your smile made my day!!!

    (Dan, thanks for this one…)

  8. Ellen C Greenberg

    Happy Birthday Eloise!

  9. Happy Birthday Eloise! Cheers to many more!!!!!
    From The Kimberlys – Sissie, Chris, Lyn, Catharine & Anna

  10. I don’t know this lady, but what an inspiration that anyone can that good at age 100!

  11. Oh happy day, Eloise, all the Fleming’s send their love to you.

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