Westport Schools Closed Until Further Notice

David Abbey, interim superintendent of the Westport Public Schools, sent this notice to all students and parents moments ago:

We have just learned that a number of Westport parents and Westport Public School students, in schools throughout our district, were in contact with an individual presumed to be positive with coronavirus.

Based upon discussions with and at the direction of Mark Cooper, director of health for the Westport Weston Health District, the Westport School District will be closed until further notice following today’s regularly scheduled dismissal.

This includes all after-school and evening activities, including athletics. We will immediately begin deep cleaning our schools, and in conjunction with the Westport Weston Health District will be consulting with state and federal officials.

12 responses to “Westport Schools Closed Until Further Notice

  1. Not to make light of the circumstances, but maybe the art students could come up with a better logo than a “W.”

  2. Chip Stephens

    The Sky is Falling !!

  3. OK Kids. I was feeling sympathy for the school kids because they don’t seem to get “Snow Days” like we used to. But I did NOT hope for anything like this! What a freaking nightmare!

  4. Jack Backiel

    My question is what are the kids going to be doing while not at school? If they go out to socialize, doesn’t that work against the purpose for closing the schools?

  5. Jack Backiel

    I wouldn’t worry. Once the warm weather comes, the epidemic will be over! I heard this from a genius.

  6. Let me amend my previous comment about the board of education seal. Replace the “W” with a graphic of the original Staples High School building, on Riverside Drive, that was torn down, or the one-room school house off of Morningside Drive.

    • Jack Backiel

      My uncle, Adolph Backiel, went to Adams Academy on North Morningside Dr. My uncle also accompanied my grandfather, as my grandfather delivered milk in a buckboard.

    • Peter Barlow

      Yes the “W” logo is pathetic and overused. I like your idea of a design featuring the original Staples building on Riverside, perhaps showing its cupola which most of us students there never knew about.

  7. Jennie Pickering

    the irony is this “20 second wash your hand song” at Westport Y bathroom- we don’t need no education…

    Jennie SHS ‘93

  8. Can someone explain what “presumed to be positive with coronavirus” means. If he/she tested positive, doesn’t he/she have the virus? Does anyone know if the person is from Westport? Not the most informative communication from our BoE.

    • According to what was said at the press conference, it’s “presumed” because it’s based on the word of the person who tested positive in another country. The Westport Health District has requested, but has not yet received, copies of the test results. Once they have verified the test results, my understanding is that it will be a confirmed case.

  9. Bob Weingarten

    I’m a grandfather and I would like to know if anyone understand whether school children will have to continue school attendance in June to make up the days that they will not be in school in the next …. days.

    Just a question which I don’t think has been answered. But don’t get me wrong, I agree with closing the schools.