Pics Of The Day #1045

Ceramic artist Marion Grebow — who died last week at 66 — was best known locally for her River of Names mural at the Westport Library.

But she also created “Marion’s Wall” at Earthplace.

It’s one of the top attractions at the science/conservation/education center. Every day kids stop, touch it, and look for the animals.

The wall — part of Earthplace for more than 15 years — depicts plants and animals native to Connecticut. It also shows the sanctuary, including a bear statue.

If you haven’t seen it, enjoy these photos. Then get over to Earthplace, and enjoy the real thing!

(Photos/Sophie Pollmann)

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1045

  1. It’s gorgeous! I hope it lasts longer than the one at the Library!

  2. William Strittmatter

    Huh. It bends. Goes around corners and everything. Imagine that. Landscapes do that I suppose. But not rivers.

  3. James Sullivan

    This is FANTASTIC! Her work is truly beautiful….. Thank you for sharing. I hope someone starts a petition to have her Westport historical mural reinstalled.

  4. Just beautiful! A work of art & love for Westport & CT. How disappointed she must have been to see the River of Names come down & “not have room” to be reinstalled in the new library. Surely there’s room @ Bedford El/Town Hall??

  5. Holly Hightower

    Thank you to Marion for her lovely work in town.
    I hope her River of Names makes a come back to the Westport Library in person! These works are such a testament to her design and to the people who came together to support their creation at iconic places in town.