Tired Of Traffic? Drive To These Meetings!

If you’ve lived in Westport more than 12 seconds, you know the traffic here sucks.

And it’s getting exponentially worse.

Beyond bitching about it to your friends, neighbors and on “06880” though, what can you do?

Well, you can go to a meeting with your RTM members, and representatives of the Selectman’s Office, Public Works and the Police. They want to hear your concerns about traffic — not just vehicles, but pedestrians and bicyclists too.


Sessions are set up by RTM district. So you’ll talk about your actual neighborhood — not just the usual chokepoints.

All sessions take place in the Town Hall auditorium, at 7 p.m. The schedule:

  • Districts 2 & 3: Tuesday, March 3
  • Districts 1 & 4: Monday, March 9
  • Districts 6 & 8: Monday, March 16
  • Districts 5 & 7: Tuesday, March 31
  • District 9: Monday, April 13

Don’t know your district? Click here for a map.

There’s plenty of parking at Town Hall. But leave early. You never know about the traffic!

Waiting in line at the Imperial Avenue light.

15 responses to “Tired Of Traffic? Drive To These Meetings!

  1. Tired of traffic, drive less

  2. Kristin Schneeman

    Thanks for sharing this information, Dan! One correction — the District 9 meeting will be held Monday, April 13th due to the schools’ vacation week starting the 6th.

  3. Oh, so in RTM District 9 we get to discuss traffic concerns with the people directly responsible for making it worse? I think I may have other plans that night.

    • How about positive spin? Little we can do about the Post Rd as it is a State Rd, but, we can try. I am sure you will be missed Morley.

      • There is so much I could say, but consider this: yesterday the administration refused to take the most basic traffic mitigating measure of suspending the No Right on Red from Canal onto Main while the Kings Highway bridge is closed. It would have been easy and it would have made life for downtown residents and visitors during the 8 month bridge closure period a little less of a hassle.

    • Morley, have you been down Green Farms Rd and Beachside Ave?
      The CT DOT is prepping the area to replace the Beachside Ave bridge deck.
      They’re going to eliminate the right turn land (garden island) onto Greens Farms.
      The DOT has completed a bunch of bridge projects on the Merritt, I-95 and I-84 in recording breaking time with minimal traffic disruptions. I’ve been rather impressed.
      Let’s hope this little bridge replacement goes smoothly.

      • I attended the public info meeting on that project last year. DOT was asked to please keep the landscaped island. Guess that didn’t happen. But I’m glad they’re adding a sidewalk to nowhere. What’s a little more (useless) impervious surface?

        • Morley, I believe they are leaving the island. They just said the right turn lane is disappearing. I was using the garden island as a reference of location.

          • As I recall, they were leaving the island.
            But not a landscaped island.
            Just ground up dinosaurs.

  4. Dick Lowenstein

    I hope all these district meetings will be televised so that at-home residents can watch them unfold and also available for post-meeting viewing and analysis.

    Dick Lowenstein
    RTM District 5

  5. Cristina Negrin

    My family moved to Westport in 1964. The only traffic problem was the 2way traffic on Main Street given the size of the cars then, lol but it wasn’t a problem! We are selling out and moving to Michigan starting an air B&B and looking forward to moving along the highway at a speed higher than 5 MPH on I 95 mostly all day long not just 5pm anymore Yes the roads are a discussion that must be had

  6. Agree traffic is getting worse. Sometimes takes 3 light changes to get thru Post Rd and S Compo. Police need to do something about speeders on S Compo. In 6 yrs I have never seen a car/truck pulled over to speeding. It’s posted 35. But no one pays attention!

  7. I look forward to this meeting, it has been on my to do list and I have had many conversations with our local police and one new finance board member.
    I have also lived in town and run a business that took me all over town.
    I also think there are some common sense solutions to hot spots in town that pop up. I feel hopeful and positive we can collaborate without spending a ton of money on another study. We the residents are doing a daily traffic study and have much of the data needed. Please citizens, participate.

  8. I hope all residents come out to these I am going to try to get all of them sal liccione district rtm member