Goodbye, Garelick & Herbs. Hello, GG & Joe’s.

After 6 years in Saugatuck Center, Garelick and Herbs is leaving.

Owner Jason Garelick told the Westport News, “I had a 5-year lease on our Saugatuck store and the past several months, we were going month-to-month, since our lease ended in 2019. It wasn’t drawing as many customers as it was in the past.

“Parking is tight in the area. You couldn’t get into the lot because of the train traffic. We were mostly only drawing customers from one section of Westport. In Saugatuck, you rely more on customers coming from the train station.

“Also, we were busier during the summer time. Closing a store is always a difficult decision and the area is great, but it just wasn’t worth it for us.”

The final day is Saturday, February 29. The flagship store in Southport, and the Greenwich location, will remain open.

Meanwhile, a new place is getting ready to open on Parker Harding Plaza. It’s near the rear door of Rye Ridge Deli, closer to TD Bank.

GG and Joe’s will feature acai bowls, coffee and toast. Yes, toast.

The sign in the window says they’ll open this winter.

They better hurry. Spring arrives in 24 days.

11 responses to “Goodbye, Garelick & Herbs. Hello, GG & Joe’s.

  1. Just what the area needs: more acai bowls.

  2. David J. Loffredo
  3. Interesting

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  4. Patricia McMahon

    I was in New Canaan Sunday and was surprised to see that store closed too!

  5. Garelick went down hill big time over the past few years including poor quality, service, and selection. If they kept it running like it was when it first opened people probably would not have stopped going. Traffic and parking really wasn’t bad and never an issue getting a spot. I think they closed another location too. Their flagship in Southport seems to be struggling with some quality issues. Garelick got hit with some federal penalties and fines for labor violations a couple months ago. I wonder if that has played a role in the decision to shutdown a couple locations?

  6. Cristina Negrin

    I heard it’s because the couple is divorcing

    • Looks like they are actually divorced per CT’s case tracking website. There is also a case where they were sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for not paying rent for at least one of their locations.

  7. who’s gonna’ miss ’em?….it’s just another low quality take out.

  8. I work in New Canaan and that location has been closed since the summer of 2018. They stopped paying rent to the tune of $250k owed to the landlord.

    • Michael Calise

      Why do we need this information?? They are a local business that tried and are now trying to survive. I wish them Good Luck!

      • I for one appreciate the information which possibly correlates to the drop in quality I have personally experienced. Why wouldn’t you want to know who you are doing business with?