Pic Of The Day #1042

Rogers Septic Tanks, Post Road

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1042

  1. Nice picture, documenting the end of an era. Nice to know you’re around Caroly

  2. Nearly every vestige of early 20th century Route 1 streetscape has vanished in Westport. This is almost the last man standing, so take a good look.

    • Michael Calise

      But Morley you need to understand it is a nonconforming use we are being saved from. Perfection abounds!!!

      • Yes, yes, it was all so icky. The trucks, the concrete, the humanity. I had to look away every time I drove by to avoid getting upset. Thank god it will all soon be in a landfill and replaced by some airbrushed confection that conforms to our regs.