Pic Of The Day #1039

The first political sign of the season. This one is at Greens Farms railroad station. Another “Mike” sign is at Cross Highway and North Avenue. No other candidates have planted yard signs yet.

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1039

  1. If you have the money..you have the signs!! and all the paraphernalia that ALL his MONEY can buy….. can he buy your vote?

    • Every candidate, in every election, tries to raise lots of money and spend it getting recognition…..votes. Bloomberg simply has more and needs to raise less…why is his pilloried for that? He ain’t trying to buy any more votes than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE…he just has more to do it with.

      • Mike didn’t show well on first debate. But everyone has better and worse days. It is amazing that people want to pick on him for having all his self made money. Can’t we give him a chance as we give all the others ?

  2. Ruth Eddy Minot

    Wonder if it was planted by someone on salary from the campaign. Technically, political signs should only be on private property, not state or town as is so often the case.

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  3. I have a sign on my yard that says “Dan 2020.”

  4. There’s been a “Mike 2020” sign on Soundview for a couple of months now. My favorite so far is “Any Functioning Adult 2020”

  5. Maybe the sign can stand in for him at the next debate.

  6. Trump-Putin