Pic Of The Day #1037

I try to stay away from pure “nature” Pic of the Day shots. Every image should have some identifiable part of Westport — or Westporters — in it.

I’m making an exception for this exceptional photo. Alert “06880” reader Morley Boyd wrote yesterday:

With the reasonably warm weather, our honeybees came out and quickly discovered all the wild crocus growing on Violet Lane. Shortly thereafter, they began returning to their hive with the pollen baskets on their legs loaded up.

For some reason, I always take comfort in these early signs of spring.

(Photo/Morley Boyd)

13 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1037

  1. Hope for honey!

  2. Isn’t the bee technically a Westporter? Love the post, pic & news of crocuses!

  3. It’s been a pleasant warmish winter, but I’m afraid it’s not good for our Earth.

  4. Arline Gertzoff

    A fantastic picture which I hope is heralding an early spring

  5. God bless the bees!

  6. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Love it! spring is here…or will be soon. The Bees know best.

  7. Very nice!

  8. J Scott Broder

    A sweet picture that Spring is near and nature is aware! Thank you for posting this wonderful nature photo Dan👍🏼

  9. Joyce Barnhart

    So glad the crocus are out. One of the many problems with Climate Change is that the bees perceive the warm day and leave the hive to do what bees do. They use energy they can’t spare searching for flowers that are usually not out yet – it’s February! That energy-use can tip the scales enough that the bees will die. That sort of imbalance is happening with fish in northern climes – the nutritious fish are no longer available at the right time for adults to feed nestlings. Nature is so carefully balanced and we humans have screwed it up, and are still doing it.

  10. Richard E. Hyman

    I’m no expert. But recently read something about this, that said this is actually not good. Too early for Spring and puts the bees in jeopardy. They are supposed to rest for a longer period during the cold months.

    • It’s OK. In fact, brief warm ups are critical to the bees – it allows them to do needed work in the hive. The bees come out all the time in the winter – to go to the bathroom, remove stuff from the hive and search for food if any exists. As long as the air temp is high enough – even for a few moments – they’ll mobilize.

      • Mine were out of the hive the other day as well. Going to the bathroom and dragging out the dead ones.

  11. Wow…very encouraging!!