Pics Of The Day #1034

The east end of Burying Hill Beach … (Photo/Dave Wilson)

… another view of Burying Hill … (Photo/Dave Wilson)

… and a third. (Photo/Shandley McMurray)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1034

  1. Beautiful shots of a very special spot. I always look forward to photos of Burying Hill Beach. These are very special.

  2. I consider the privately constructed and owned pier shown at east Burying Hill Beach in Dave Wilson’s photograph to be both unattractive and inappropriate. It extends across the public beach from the cliffside vista of a private home into the water. I believe it serves a boat launch whereby the boat is lowered and raised at the end of the pier into the water well below the end of the pier. Most likely the pier is also used for entertaining. The pier was apparently legally constructed, but its benefit to the homeowner is, to me, outweighed by its intrusion on an otherwise vacant area of beach.
    Don Bergmann