Pic Of The Day #1024

Coleytown Middle School renovation (Drone photo/Brandon Malin)

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  1. Bruce McFadden


  2. Dan is it possible to upload higher resolution pictures so when you click on it its not just thumbnail size? Thank you

    • Most of the photos are high resolution. I click on a variety of devices to enlarge them. They are NOT thumbnail size! Perhaps it’s a browser issue with you. You can also download a program like Hover Zoom. Hope that helps.

    • Jonathan Maddock

      There has been a change for me as well. In the past, I could just left click once on the image and it would re-open in the same tab at whatever resolution it was uploaded.
      Now I have to right click and select “open image in new tab”. Left click no longer works.
      For the record, I’m using the Chrome browser on Widows 10 Pro.

      Additionally, Dan, thank you for 06880. Regardless of any minor issues, it’s still wonderful.

  3. Addison A. Armstrong

    Am I the only one who -admittedly, with only this one photograph as evidence– hopes that $26MM buys us more activity and progress than this?

  4. I believe the CMS renovation, projected cost of $32 million, is on schedule, though certain exterior work is expected to continue beyond the scheduled school reopening date in August 2020. Don O’Day and many others deserve credit for their work to date and ongoing. I expect most will be pleased with the final renovation.
    I also note that my efforts to promote only one Middle School, BMS, were unsuccessful. While, the cost for expanding BMS was expected to be a great deal less then the cost to renovate CMS, cost saving is not the reason why one Middle School should have received more attention. The better reasons are declining enrollment, the reasonably favorable experience with one Middle School this year with only the temporary expansion efforts of portable, but very nice, additional classrooms and the likelihood that the educational experience would be as good as, maybe even better, then maintaining the BMS and CMS, two Middle School model.
    Don Bergmann