Pic Of The Day #1016

Truck with a message, in the Barnes & Noble parking lot

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1016

  1. Obviously a God respectful, law abiding ,Patriotic person that’s trying to get their ” PRO-American” spirit moving!! Maybe get the rest of us moving in that direction too. Slow down/ Safety First/ Red White and Blue never looks… but glorious to me!!

  2. Keep On Trucking!!

  3. I wonder what necessities that person’s family didn’t get because of the money blown on that crap.

    • Who’s to say that person’s family was monetarily affected by that? Or that there is a family at all?
      I don’t really understand why someone would do that either but maybe that’s all they have and it makes them happy. We don’t know their story so we shouldn’t judge or assume.

      • You are more right and more thoughtful than I, Melinda.

        • And on top of all that, this is the work of an artist (think Jackson Pollack and his drip and splash paintings that are now priceless). This « truck » may someday bring very big bucks! So, enjoy while you can.

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