Giving Back, The 203 Way

When it comes to state pride, Connecticut is not exactly Texas.

We don’t go around demanding, “Don’t mess with Connecticut.” There’s no special hand signal to cheer for UConn. We don’t look nostalgically back on the days when we were an independent republic.*

That was not news to Roscoe and Tory Brown. Back in 2014, when the siblings — both Staples High School graduates — launched 203, the apparel and accessories company celebrating the Zip Code area code — they knew there were not a lot of ways to celebrate “our state, our home.”

But as they traveled around Connecticut, selling their t-shirts, hoodies, hats and other gear through pop-up shops at community events, they realized Nutmeggers** were actually enthusiastic about this place.

Roscoe and Tory Brown, and some of their merchandise.

Roscoe and Tory also noticed at those events that people and organizations were continually giving back, to charities and local non-profits.

So they launched an annual “203 Community Day.” Each year, it’s held the week of February 3rd. (2/03 — get it?!)

This year, Roscoe and Tory are helping ease a post-holiday problem. Every January, donations to homeless shelters drop drastically. Socks and underwear are desperately needed, yet always in scarce supply.

So “The Two-Oh-Three” has teamed up with Half Full Brewery. This Friday (January 31, 4 to 10 p.m., 43 Homestead Avenue, Stamford), they’ll collect new, unopened packages of socks and underwear there. The goal is 600 pairs. They’ll present them to shelters on 2/03.

But it’s not just a drop-off. Roscoe and Tory invite donors to stick around at the brewery for food, beverages, music and fun.

As an added incentive, every donor gets a free, special edition “Two-Oh-Three” beer.

What? You didn’t know Connecticut had its own beer?

Take that, Texas!

(Can’t make it to Half Full Brewery in Stamford? You can drop off donations at Two-Oh-Three’s office: 1869 Post Road East, Westport. If they’re not there, just put them in the box by the door.)

*Because we weren’t.

**  Our official name. It’s not quite as crisp as “Texans.”

With shirts and windbreakers, Two Oh Three apparel says there’s no place like “home.”


12 responses to “Giving Back, The 203 Way

  1. Greg Sideleau

    Not the zip code. 203 was, at one time, the sole area code for the state.

  2. Amy Hochhauser

    Love Tory and Roscoe! Great job,Team 203!

  3. Dan, We like the idea of helping the shelters “off-season.” But it doesn’t look like we can make it to Stamford Friday afternoon/evening (even though there’s a free craft beer incentive!). Is there someplace in our area where we could drop off the socks and underwear? Maybe Roscoe and Tory have a drop off point we could use?

    • Hi There Matt!

      While we are bummed you won’t be able to make it to the event, we are really excited to hear that you are still interested in supporting the cause!

      Starting tomorrow at 12:00, Noon, we will be accepting all donations at our office: 1869 Post Rd E, Westport. Our goal is to collect all donations between tomorrow and 12 PM on Friday. However, if you can’t make it by Friday, no worries; just leave any donations in the box by the door and we will be sure to get it to a local shelter ASAP!

      Thanks so much and all the best!!
      Roscoe and Tory

  4. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    I love these guys and their products. As a Westport ex-pat residing in Texas I enjoy wearing my ‘203’ gear. Although I will confess some affinity for Tito’s vodka and Shiner Bock beer.

  5. Tory and Roscoe are great can’t make it Friday we can do something in downtown Westport or in Westport I support them 100 percent good luck guys

    • Sal, If you can’t make it there but need a drop spot, my office in Bedford Square can hold donations, and I’ll bring them to 203 by noon Friday.