Photo Challenge #263

No one is alive today to remember, but in 1906 the cornerstone was laid for a new Westport Public Library.

Since 1877, residents had had access to books, magazines and newspapers — contributed by their neighbors — on the 2nd floor of the Hurlbutt building on State Street (Post Road). That’s the block between Taylor Place and the entrance to the Taylor parking lot, by the river.

There were very few volumes, however. The public could check out books on Tuesdays and Fridays only.

The 1906 library was a gift from Morris K. Jesup. He donated land opposite the Hurlbutt building — near the corner of the Post Road and Main Street — plus $5,000 for construction.

Two years later — on April 8, 1908 — 300 Westporters turned out for the dedication. Morris Jesup was not there. He had died 4 months earlier.

In 1986 the library moved across Jesup Road — to landfill not there in Jesup’s day. Two renovations later, it is the pride of the town.

But back in another century, so was Jesup’s. The cornerstone still stands, though the building now houses an art gallery and other tenants. (Starbucks and Freshii are in an addition, from the 1950s.)

That cornerstone was last week’s Photo Challenge (click here to see). Dan Vener, Robert Mitchell, Tom Trisch, Christine McCarthy, Chip Stephens, John Hartwell, Elaine Marino, Bobbie Herman, Seth Schachter, Seth Goltzer, Linda Amos, Bruce Salvo, Susan Huppi and Mary Ann Batsell all knew exactly what the photo showed.

You could look it up. But they didn’t have to.

As for this week’s Photo Challenge, here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with a library. Obviously.

(Photo/Susan Ross)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

17 responses to “Photo Challenge #263

  1. Seth Schachter

    Is this the garage at old mill with the neat mosaics!

  2. Westport Museum

  3. Jennifer Kobetitsch

    Best place to play I-spy -other than the mural wall at the town pool- this pic is the garage in Old Mill!

  4. Ooohhhh it’s the mill cove Garage owned by one of the coolest Artists in town…. Yayyyy Claudia!
    Additionally, people can HIRE her for special mosaics and pottery and photography.
    She does Installations with all mediums and sizes.
    (I think) She is Amazing✨✨✨✨
    Mill Cove Artist- Claudia Schattman

  5. This is one of the Compo Cove garages at the edge of the Mill Pond on the left just before you go over the foot bridge

  6. Yay! This is only the 2nd photo challenge I’ve known the answer to.
    I bring visitors to this garage to see her work. I love it.

  7. Holy —-, you guys are good. I thought this Photo Challenge would be impossible. Instantly, you nailed it. It is indeed a closeup of the mosaic at one of the parking garages at Old Mill Beach, next to the footbridge leading to Compo Cove. “06880” readers definitely know “06880”!

  8. Garage door on Mill Pond! I cannot believe this his the photo today… my son and I were just taking a walk and noticed this!

  9. One of the garages at the end of Old Mill Road and on the Sherwood Mill Pond, so beautifully decorated!

  10. The private garage by the Mill pond?

  11. Michelle Vitulich

    Claudias garage!! ❤️

  12. Amy Schneider

    I’ve always wondered who decorated the garage. I love the word “dogs” surrounded by green and blue sea glass on it.

  13. Leslie Petersen

    A lot of people know where this is -the garage spaces in the back at Old Mill. I love this creative piece so much that I bring out of town guests to admire it. Always a hit!

    • It looks like the amazing art work seen in the parking area before you cross the footbridge into Compo Mill Cove . Is it the work of Claudia Schattman ? I think so – I love her art!

  14. Beach garage at old mill pond.

  15. It’s a collage on a garage located behind the parking lot at Mill Pond Beach.
    It’s amazing! Walking there you just suddenly find this work of art! I am curious as to who created it and when.