If You Thought All That Construction At The Post Road And Riverside Was About A Turning Lane …

… think again.

A new utility pole just went up at what has been called “the worst intersection in the state.”

(Photo/Jeff Manchester)

I’m going waaaay out on a limb here with a prediction for 2020:

Traffic will continue to suck there.

7 responses to “If You Thought All That Construction At The Post Road And Riverside Was About A Turning Lane …

  1. After 50 years of observation it is my opinion that the real problem at that intersection is not people coming down the hill going west on the post Road not being able to make a right turn. The real problem is the people coming south out of Wilton Road wanting to make a left turn. Often they do not pull up far enough and therefore don’t leave enough room for cars behind them to either make a right up the Post Rd. or go straight across to Riverside Avenue. If people could learn how to negotiate that left-hand turn, that would go along way to improving the traffic flow. Of course the another solution has passed when David Waldman offered to move the building on the northwest corner as part of the West Bank development several years ago, was turned down by the Town.

    • Thank you, Mickey! It has been a problem for years. Not only that, some drivers waiting to make a left turn situate themselves in the very center of the lane, or worse, stay on the right side.

    • Michael Calise

      Its amazing how a well reasoned and sensible zoning refusal can make its way into Westport Folklore as a lost opportunity.

    • Susan Feliciano

      Bravo to that, my friend…it’s mind-numbing as to how clueless the left-turn drivers are at that intersection…unless they’re from out-of-town, I just don’t get it…on so many levels, that intersection is a mistake that could’ve, SHOULD’ve been addressed years ago.

  2. Arline Gertzoff

    A very close second nightmare to navigate is the crazy intersection coming off exit 42 near the now upscale townhouses with North Main the Easton Road North Ave State has said its in the top ten traffic nightmares
    Soon we will have the necessary bridge reconstruction at Kings Highway to add to our traffic woes

    • The one near 42 needs a ROUND ABOUT. At least then we won’t have to wrench our necks going south out of Easton Road.

  3. My lasting memory of that intersection has nothing to do with the traffic congestion or other problems there. During World War II kids at Bedford Junior High who bought $25. War Bonds were offered rides in a real Army Jeep. That sounded like fun so I was one of many kids who bought bonds. (Junior High was where Kings Highway Elementary is now.) The Jeep that was provided was operated by a young soldier-driver who knew how much thrill was possible. So a group of 5 or 6 kids at a time piled into this little open vehicle and went speeding down the Post Road hill and the driver, without slowing down at all, made a right turn onto Riverside. I’m sure we were on two wheels at one point and it was great fun – something I could remember years later when stuck there in traffic .