UPDATE: People’s United Bank Closing — But It’s The One Across The Street

People’s United Bank customers: Rest easy. Your branch is not closing.

If you’re a United Bank customer, however: Your branch is.

“06880” reported this morning that People’s United Bank is closing 18 branches — among them, the one at the corner of Post Road and North Compo. It’s been a bank for years. Before that, it was the original site of Ed Mitchells (now Mitchells of Westport).

In fact, the bank they’re closing is the redundant one across the street — in Compo Acres Shopping Center, off South Compo.

The United Bank branch — now owned by People’s United Bank — that will close.

The branch was formerly a Patriot Bank outlet. Then it became a United Bank branch. It’s completely different — at least, it was until July, when People’s United acquired United Bank. Confusing, to be sure.

So now People’s United has 2 branches across the street from each other. The long-standing one near Planet Pizza remains. The one near SoulCycle is closing — sometime between December and April.

“06880” regrets the error. But the confusion could have been avoided if, several years ago, the bank owner had not changed its name from People’s Savings Bank to People’s United.


3 responses to “UPDATE: People’s United Bank Closing — But It’s The One Across The Street

  1. Never mind

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  2. Thanks was about to do some research during lunch… United bank has its roots dating back to 1858 apparently and People’s has its roots since 1842. People’s adopted the People’s United name in 2007. United Bancorp adopted the ‘United Bank’ name in 1960. People United Financial acquired United Financial in an all stock deal. Still curious if there were any name disputes but haven’t had a moment to dig deeper.


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