One Less Bank In Westport

Normally, the opening or (more rarely) closing of a bank branch in Westport is not big news.

But when People’s United shuts its location on the corner of the Post Road and North Compo — part of 18 closings in the state, between December and April —  we’ll lose more than one of our town’s squintillion banks.

A bit of history is going too.

That branch has been there for decades. It’s seen the addition of “United” to “People’s Bank,” and the reorientation of its entrance from the front to the back.

Most importantly, it’s a link to one of Westport’s longest-lived, best-known and well-respected businesses.

In 1958, Ed and Norma Mitchell took over what had been a heating and plumbing company office. With a few suits, a coffee pot, and tons of grit and hope, they founded a store that — 61 years later — thrives.

The original Ed Mitchell’s.

Mitchells moved twice — once to Colonial Green, then to its present location next to Sakura. From their Westport headquarters, the 3rd generation of Mitchell family members now oversee stores in Greenwich, Long Island and on the West Coast.

That’s a storied past for the unassuming building near Planet Pizza and Compo Barber Shop.

Let’s hope the new tenant stays as long as People’s Bank, and is as successful as Mitchells became.

But I bet it will just be a nail salon.

(Hat tips: Dick Lowenstein and Dan Vener)

10 responses to “One Less Bank In Westport

  1. Banks are many, especially in Westport, but this saddens me… my first foray in savings was that branch. When I was a we pup.

  2. have used peoples for almost 30 years. never let me down while other banks have. that said i dont think they are going anywhere any time soon and have plenty of other nearby branches. what is interesting is there is a “united bank” across the street. i was wondering about possible IP infringement using such a similar name. and wasn’t there a bank in its place before? i think we are seeing a lot of people starting up banks and then selling them off to a bigger bank. dont know if its a lucrative M&A opportunity or whether the bigger banks have this as a plan to build their deposits and business.

  3. Nancie Rinaldi

    This is so sad. This has been my branch for 22 years.

  4. Arline Gertzoff

    Where will their nearest branch be?The staff is great and the convenience will be missed

  5. Ellen Greenberg

    I just called this People’s Bank where I happen to have a safe deposit box.. They tell me that it is the “United Bank” across the street that is closing. The United Bank is owned by People’s Bank. They told me the Peoples Bank is staying!

  6. This was my very first bank that I used and I am still there. I was over joyed as a 12 year old getting my first “passbook” Now 40 years later……..

  7. I opened my checking account at this People’s branch in August 1983, one month before moving to Westport. I’m still there, but I guess I’ll have to use one of their other branches now.

  8. The photo is not from ’59…the Plymouth on the corner is a 1959 Fury…….