To Catch A Thief

Earlier today, I posted a story about an epidemic in town: Citizens stealing signs advertising non-profit events.

I used a generic photo. Obviously, I did not have a handy image of someone caught in the act.

Now I do. Even better: It’s a video.

A Westport resident captured this scene, from a dashcam.

The view is from Church Street South, near the Post Road intersection.

The sign advertises — er, advertised — Bedford Theater Company’s production this weekend of “Bye Bye Birdie.”

It’s in 2 separate videos, because the dashcam records in 3-minute increments.

In the first, we see a man who has parked his silver SUV in the lot of the now-closed Mobil Self-Serve (right). He walks from right to left, toward the sign:

In the second, longer clip, he lifts up the sign and brings it back to his vehicle, on the right.

It’s easy to say, “No big deal. It’s only a sign.”

But when you see a neighbor of ours behaving like this — a grown man removing a sign for a middle school play — you have to wonder what kind of town we’re living in.

25 responses to “To Catch A Thief

  1. Some people have way too much time on their hands…

  2. Michelle Benner

    I’m hoping he’s moving the sign to put it somewhere else?

    • yea we dont have many facts… could have been authorized to move it… or the dashcam owner could have caught the thief. if there is an active investigation, would be helpful to contact the PD… no comment made that was done…

  3. Andrew Colabella

    So this guy calls himself “the committee” on his silver Lexus SUV?

    Don’t call it a big deal. It’s criminal. You are depriving someone of their property they paid for. Thievery.

  4. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    I kind of get it, these signs can become a blight on the community. However, they are private property and if they are on public property to remove them is larceny. Too equate any of these sign removers as somehow heroic is a stretch. I no longer live in Westport but as a Bedford grad removing these signs seems harsh. Not like it was a “TRUMP 2020” sign.

  5. Ooo I though that you caught me removing signs from the exit near the Westport YMCA! I took down all the outdated signs!

  6. I think that sign was on the easement of the State of Connecticut property i.e. the Post Road. The sign was placed there illegally in the first place.

    • I have heard from someone who had 2 “Mamma Mia!” signs stolen from his own front yard.

      • Someone’s front yard is private property. Hands off. State property: verboten.
        Dan, you have to admit the amount of Birdie and Mama yard signs rivaled the political campaign sign placements. Neither were at 15 or under. I will say both were close to the two week advance placement (unlike the political campaign signs that went up before Labor Day and a few are still out there (at the split on the Sherwood Island Connector to head southbound, or is there still an upcoming election that I didn’t hear about?)

        • Elizabeth Thibault

          The 15 sign limit is for the signs on public property, not on private home or business owners property. Don’t conflate the two.

          • But the Birdie signs not on private property has exceeded the 15 quantity.

            • Joyce Barnhart

              Matt Murray – You are complaining about placement of signs for a school musical performance. Let it go. Smile.

              • Joyce, If you look at the comments in both this post and the other about it, I am not alone in these feelings. I think we are overloaded with the sheer volume of signs during a political campaign and the amount of signs just after the election is a bit overwhelming. Perhaps you could explain why there are three signs at the intersection of Greens Farms and Hillspoint Roads? It seems to be overkill. We get it. There’s a show put on by the kids. Please attend. Message delivered. Moderation is a good thing.

                • Just to add, there are folks here requesting (demanding) that our PD arrests those removing the signs. Ummm, perhaps those folks need to “let it go and smile.” It’s not like our PD has more important matters to address.

  7. I don’t question what kind of town we live in – you give us the daily reminders of how incredible Westport is – I question the man stealing.

  8. Recorded on a dash-cam? The driver must’ve reversing the wrong way up the street. Arrest that person! Immediately!

    • You can get dash cams that will record both front and rear. Some cams can be wired with the lens at the back of the car and the main unit pointing out the front. They can also be set for motion sensing in case the car is hit or someone can try to break in.

      • I know. It was actually just a joke, Matt. I continue to be amused by Westport problems. They’re a whole step above First World problems.

  9. ooops, sorry Steve, I went geeky. I have a single dash cam (front view) and was impressed with the dual view. :^)

    • No problem, Matt. Thanks for sharing my twisted sense of humor. Seems to be in short supply these days 🙂

  10. lock him up

  11. How little of a heart do you have to refer to yourself as “The Committee” and destroy and damage public property just because you don’t like it? Shameful, but not surprising being in Westport.

  12. Anyone wanna grab the “Birdie” sign on Hillspoint Rd. facing the Sherwood Mill Pond (about #175)? Obviously it has been then since November. There’s a few other Birdie signs in other spots around town, too.