Joey Romeo: Running Concession Was “Highlight Of My Life”

On the heels of today’s announcement, Joey Romeo — owner of Joey’s by the Shore — has asked me to send this message to his countless loyal customers:

After 32 years serving the community, we were unable to come to an agreement with the town of Westport to continue operating our concessions at Compo Beach, the Longshore Pavilion, and the halfway house on the golf course.

It has been a pleasure to serve the all of our customers for all of these years. It has also been a joy to watch generations grow up in town. I have absolutely loved employing and mentoring so many students and young people. All have gone on to become productive adults.

Running Joey’s has been the highlight of my life. I will miss it, and all of you. I wish everyone the best and I look forward to seeing our beloved customers, employees, and friends around town.

Joey Romeo

18 responses to “Joey Romeo: Running Concession Was “Highlight Of My Life”

  1. It is very unfortunate that once again “the town of Westport “ can not find a way to support a favorite small business. The heart of Westport is fading away as it closes one door at a time. Sad.

  2. Adam Schwartz 75'

    “We were unable to come to an agreement with the town of Westport”? What does that mean? A loyal vendor for the past 32 years and the town can’t bend a little or try their best to meet the needs of a loyal, beloved, nice citizen? I would love to hear the back story…

  3. i am confused… three years left on lease… couldn’t come to an agreement on what? joeys has been a staple. been going for over 25 years!

  4. Michelle Benner

    What ?!?!?!? I too am interested to know the back story.

  5. Joe and his staff bent over backwards to help whenever Long Lots School and Westport Soccer held events at the beach. Joe is more than just a guy who runs the beach concession; he is someone who truly cares about all of his patrons. What a shame that he could not continue his much-beloved business at Compo. It is a loss for Westport.

  6. Karl S` Taylor

    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  7. This is a real loss for Westport! Thanks Joey for providing such a great experience year after year. And best of luck to you whatever you do!!!

  8. Nancie Rinaldi

    My partner moved in a number of years ago. However, Westport isn’t his official residence so for a number of years we bought a non-resident beach sticker for his car. However, when it went to $795 we stopped buying one. I was shocked at the $300 price increase and we were both disappointed he’d no longer be able to use Compo when he wanted. I wonder if the town would re-evaluate the pricing structure? It seems to be doing more harm than good. I’m going to miss Jory’s!

  9. Donna O'Donnell

    A huge loss. Joey always cared for the families, the workers, brought in the best quality food, trusted families with house accounts, can’t forget the famous gum ball machine and always had a bowl of water for the dogs. Good guy and an amazing business.

  10. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    Hey Dan…. I’m hoping you will tell us the rest of the story when you get it.
    Sad news…

  11. Charles Greenwald

    This is sad. I know Joey raised his prices to keep up with the rental prices but Compo Beach just isn’t nice enough to demand Ritz Carlton-level fees for tenants and out-of-towners who visit. Aside from the inexplicable stream of EDM, Joey’s was a welcoming place to eat with a solid burger, replete with young cashiers from all over town learning how to earn a buck and fun signs on the wall; I hope his replacements, whenever they come, won’t run some country club level operation, and infuse it with as much family-friendly charm and goodwill towards repeat customers as he did.

  12. Way to go Westport This is a huge loss!!!! I hope I do see you around town. You are a great person and I will miss you….

  13. Alicia Merritt

    My daughter worked two summers for Joey back in the ’80s. She began as a quiet, tentative teen. Joey helped her grow into a self-assured teen with the guidance to become the confident person she is today. Here is what she says about Joey: “He was so great. Funny guy and really knew how to turn spacey teens into hard-workers. Set me up for Danville’s which was next level!” And then on to high-end tech positions. Thanks Joey, for helping raise my successful daughter. Thinking Westport has made a poor decision.

  14. Joe‼️You were & still are THE BEST 😎you brought life and laughter to the concession so that waiting in line was fun reading your WESTPORT T shirts. Please let Dan know the details…we deserve to know.
    Thanks for the grub‼️and the good vibes inside 👍🏼👍🏼🙏

  15. I just find this so incredibly depressing.

    Thank you, Joey, for all the delicious lobster rolls and juicy watermelon slices and ice cold san pellegrino and … happy times.

    Y’know … Joey’s doesn’t HAVE to be on the beach! …. I’m just sayin’ ….

    • (Meaning, of course, that I’d go eat at Joey’s On Post Road … or Joey’s Off Main … or wherever!)

  16. a favorite pastime on pretty summer nights was to grab some Joey’s fries and dogs, with a couple cold brews in the cooler, and join the crowd on South Beach to enjoy the sunset. Say it ain’t so, Joey! Westport, don’t let this treasure go.