Mangia! Ignazio’s Opens Monday

The long wait is over.

On Monday, Ignazio’s officially opens for business.

The new pizza place in the old Bertucci’s (and before that, the even older Tanglewoods and Clam Box) features both thin crust and Sicilian pizza, from a wood-fired oven.

Word of mouth already brought in customers. Louis Termini — who owned 7 Luna Pizzas in the Hartford area, and now runs the original (and very popular) Ignazio’s underneath the Brooklyn Bridge — handed out free slices all day today.

One man said, “I hope they’re as good as the hype.”

He wolfed it down. “It is!”

Some folks stopping by today were from Louis’ boyhood neighborhood. One went to high school with him.

“I gave them the Brooklyn treatment,” Louis says. “And they gave it right back to me.”

Ignazio’s shares space with 2 other new arrivals: One River School of Art + Design, and Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters.

Which means that complex now includes 3 of the most important things that make our town go: Art. Coffee. And pizza.

Ignazio’s pizza in Brooklyn, courtesy of TripAdvisor.

(Hat tip: Cara Zimon)

2 responses to “Mangia! Ignazio’s Opens Monday

  1. Fabulous pizza! From another Brooklyn guy who, upon arriving, immediately knew there was a total DNA match. Thin crust, superbly cooked, with a delicious marinara sauce perfectly seasoned. Welcome Louis! Look forward to many scrumptious pizzas and storytelling, because if you have to ask, well, you know whaddai mean?

  2. The Brooklyn menu lists Jon Snyder’s incredible gelato from Il Laboratorio Del Gelato- I hope they have it here!!!