New Coffee Spot Brewing At Old Bertucci’s

Westport is blessed with many things.

We have art and artists. We have pizzerias and coffee shops up the wazoo.

But we don’t have a “coffee bar” — a place that serves ultra-premium, USDA organic-certified roasts.

That changes soon.

Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters — currently killing it in Fairfield — will open its 2nd location. The site is the long-empty Bertucci’s building, on Post Road East by Long Lots Road.

Shearwater will share the space with (of course) One River School of Art + Design, and Ignazio’s Pizza.

Owner Ed Freedman’s company started 6 years ago in Trumbull, as a small batch roaster. They supply stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market, and restaurants including Jesup Hall, The Whelk and Kawa Ni.

Two years ago they opened in the Brick Walk. Freedman says that customers — many from Westport, attracted by the bright space, knowledgeable baristas and (of course) great coffee — urged him to open here.

As in Fairfield, the new Shearwater will feature drinks like espresso and cold brew, along with small plates and salads.

“It will be warm, inviting and friendly — a place for everyone from millennials to retirees to enjoy great coffee,” Freedman promises.

A rendering of the interior of Westport’s Shearwater, by architect Amber Freedman.

He is proud of his “top-notch” customer service. In Fairfield, he says, baristas “really welcome people. They engage them, and help them select the right drink.”

Freedman believes that many people “tolerate” Starbucks coffee. “They add all kinds of flavors and sugars. That’s not us.”

Floor to ceiling windows and high ceilings will help make Shearwater a “real destination.” Freedman’s daughter Amber — an architect in Boston — designed both his coffee bars.

The Westport spot will be a destination in part because of its location near the Sherwood Island Connector, Freedman says.

He hopes to open in July. Ignazio’s hopes to open next month. River One’s grand opening is June 15-16.

There is still space for one tenant in the building.

Maybe a bank or nail spa?

11 responses to “New Coffee Spot Brewing At Old Bertucci’s

  1. Jack Backiel

    Dan, For the remaining space, how about an official 06880 office? By the way, I’m curious as to who owns the building and the land?

    • “06880” headquarters is my home office. You can’t beat the commute!

      And in a power outage, there are plenty of great co-working spaces: B:Hive Southport, Saugatuck Story Lab and Office Evolution, among them.

  2. Early morning??? Or will he be the banker’s hours spot?

  3. Michael Calise

    We need a spot to sell nails, hay and frisbees

  4. Mark Yurkiw

    I can’t stop

  5. Richard Fogel

    i buy good organic coffee at Trader Joe. Price is very good. Quality good. At about 35 cents a cup its a great value. You dont need to get into your car and waste time and gas.

  6. John B Gould

    If I can’t have a proper cup o’ coffee in a proper cup o’ coffee pot – I’ll have a cup o’ tea.

  7. Carolanne Curry

    Have been to the Shearwater coffee bar in Fairfield.
    Has to be one of the area’s best.

  8. Matt Murray

    I’ve bought unground beans at their wholesale operation in Trumbull and now get beans and cappuccino from the retail space in Fairfield. Their baristas do a great job, too. Dare I say better than Starbucks. They are local so you are supporting a small business that is Fairfield County centric. Given that Starbucks has increased the minimums for rewards, I’ll use Shearwater and their rewards program much more often. Good location too as they can get good traffic access for the morning commute to the Sherwood Island connector or to points west on the Post Road to Norwalk or the train station.

  9. Irene Mastriacovo

    Always love to see empty buildings fill up with businesses – great for our local economy! But 3 in 1 building with room for 1 more yet the parking lot remains the same size. Hmmmmmm.