Court Hands Hiawatha Lane Developer Another Setback

The long-running saga of a developer’s plan to build 187 housing units on Hiawatha Lanethe narrow road nestled between Saugatuck Avenue and I-95 exit 17 — has taken another turn.

The state Appellate Court ruled that Westport’s Water Pollution Control Authority appropriately exercised its discretion to deny the developer — Summit Saugatuck — an application for a sewer connection.

Applications for sewer connections had been denied by other bodies as well, including the Planning & Zoning Commission and Board of Selectmen.

The Appellate Court ruling is a major victory for the town.

Summit may refile their application. They may also appeal to the state Supreme Court.

But as of today, they do not have permission to extend the sewer — or build on what is already a narrow, difficult to access piece of land, with some of the most affordable housing in Westport.

Summit Saugatuck’s proposal for 187 housing units on Hiawatha Lane.

7 responses to “Court Hands Hiawatha Lane Developer Another Setback

  1. Daryl Styner-Presley

    Hopefully the town will prevail. Unity & factual issues about this specific development in scope and size, paints its own picture that clearly the Courts were able to see. In addition to all of that, the arrogance of the developer to also think, that they can dictate to the Town its expansion of the public sewer line & system, had to resonate with the Court, as well.

  2. Summit Saugatuck must have very deep pockets. They’ve been denied this Development since 2016.

  3. Matthew Mandell

    Nice job legal team. Thank you Pete Gelderman who has been the front man on this and did the heavy lifting.

    Ok another win, but you know they never stop. Just this week Shipman & Goodwin were before the conservation commission in Norwalk seeking to modify the walking path to make it a road. They wanted an administrative decision. Thankfully the commission said it must be a public hearing. So on November 12 we must go to Norwalk to defend this neighborhood and speak up and urge that no change be made to the open space, wetlands and walking path. So after 15 years we go back to where it all started, on the Norwalk side to protect the Hiawatha community.

    • Diane Johnson

      Matt, thank you for alerting us to this meeting in Norwalk on Nov 12th. Can you please confirm if it will be an evening meeting and at Norwalk’s Town Hall?

    • Arline Gertzoff

      Thank you Matt for keeping up the good fightThis type of development has no place in Westport Ihave no problem with small development in appropriate places.Hopefully Norwalk will say NO
      Unfortunately I am out of town Nov10-15 but you have my full support If there is anything I can do please let me know
      Arline P Gertzoff

    • Saranda Berisa

      Hi – can Dan post what time the meeting is?
      It would be great to alert the whole community there.