Photo Challenge #251

There are 2 types of Westporters: those who know that the cannon in front of the VFW Joseph J. Clinton Post 399 building on Riverside Avenue is an original from Compo Beach.

It was vandalized in 1957. The Rotary Club restored it in 1999, and presented it to the VFW. The cannon at the beach today is a replica.

The 2nd type of Westporters are those who drive by every day, and never notice it.

The first group thought that last week’s Photo Challenge — showing the cannon — was the easiest one ever. Specifically, it includes Tom Risch, Robert Mitchell, Michael Calise, Jacques Voris, Tom Feeley, Diane Silfen, Jonathan McClure, Mary Ann Batsell, Peter Swift, Lois Himes, Linda Amos and Nancy Engel.

If you’re in the 2nd group: Click here for the photo. Then click here for more info on the VFW — an important presence in town, for nearly 100 years. And when you’ve done that, the next time you head to Saugatuck, check out the history you’ve spent so much time passing by.

And when you’re finished doing that, you can figure out this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

10 responses to “Photo Challenge #251

  1. By the Levitt?

  2. Along the river in town Where?? Not sure

  3. I believe this is along the saugatuck by mca now a medical center

  4. Good one, Rich! Yes, it’s on Riverside Avenue.

  5. This looks like it’s along the Saugatuck River. On the Jr’s Deli and Grille and the Westport auto body shop side of the river. I recognize the tree line on the top right side of the photo.
    Since there’s no path behind Jr’s it probably farther south in the complex with Rive Bistro and Dental Associates.

    (Back in the day, that complex was MCA Marketing Corporation of America they orders tons of stationary supply business when I worked for Klein’s of Westport. Klein’s was THE place before Staples supply showed up)

  6. Jonathan McClure

    Somewhere along the Saugatuck River between Caldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and Rive Bistro..

  7. Michael Calise


  8. The river walk open to the public starting about at Rive Bistro and going on from there.

  9. Well south of Rive Bistro, just before the walk ends. Walk it every time after eating there and marvel at how little public river access we have. Only living here 21 years, can someone tell me (or post a link Dan) about who so smartly developed the whole riverfront south of MCA creating that walk, instead of putting parking on the river like farther north?

  10. Arthur C Schoeller

    And notice the growth of invasive Phragmites along the wall! Their growth is crowding out many native riparian plants.