Pics Of The Day #912

Compo Beach this afternoon. The weather has deteriorated since then. (Photo/Pat Auber)

Earlier, storm clouds gathered over South Beach. (Photo/Tammy Barry)

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #912

  1. Dan. Not to pick a nit……but that’s actually a Kite Boarder. Wind surfing is a whole different (and more down to earth) activity. No worries. I do neither.

    • Thanks, Marc. My bad! But based on Tom Risch’s comment below, I’ve changed the caption to something that won’t be wrong in anyone’s book!

  2. Actually Dan that is a kite surfer with a board that has a foil on it.

  3. Considering the wind has taken down a few fully matured Trees on our farm an hour north of Westport… he must of had one helluva ride!

  4. Mary Lou Cookman Schmerker

    We heard here about how bad the weather was. Hope everyone is fine.