Unsung Hero #118

Little things mean a lot.

For many years, Gerry Cataldo has worked at the Senior Center. His is a thankless — and often unnoticed — job.

Gerry sets up each room for meetings, educational programs, games, lunches, exercise activities and more.

When he’s not moving partitions, tables, chairs, and sports equipment, he’s cleaning halls and restrooms. When he’s not doing that, he’s helping any way else he can.

Gerry Cataldo makes sure that everyone at the Senior Center has a ball. Or two.

Every day — Monday through Saturday — 30 to 50 different events take place at the Senior Center. Gerry makes sure that each one is ready to go.

When it’s done, he makes sure the next one follows smoothly.

Senior Center regulars and staff know they could not function without him. Gerry Cataldo is truly an Unsung Hero!

(Hat tip: Bob Weingarten. To nominate an Unsung Hero, email dwoog@optonline.net)

9 responses to “Unsung Hero #118

  1. Now that is a Wonderful Guy .. Thanks for sharing Dan

  2. Gary is the best ! I teach at the center for many years and he is the most helpful, polite and lovely man I’ve seen there in years !

  3. Peggy O'Halloran

    Gerry is delightful, cooperative, indispensable and an all around unassuming good guy. The world needs more of him. Thank you, Gerry!

  4. Jerry is THE BEST!!!

  5. He is a true legend. What an angel!

  6. Gerry truly is a breath of fresh air to brighten anybody’s day. Thank you for everything you do, your presence is a present.

  7. 💪🏼🥗

  8. So glad Gerry is being honored. I couldn’t agree more with all the positive comments about him and about his many services that make the Center run so smoothly. Thanks, Gerry.

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