Visitors Interrupt Compo Wedding Ceremony

One of the joys of Westport is a wedding on the beach.

Many of us have been thrilled, at random moments, to see a couple sharing vows on the shore. We have no idea who they are, but it makes our day.

One of the joys of Lou Weinberg’s wedding on the beach yesterday was an unexpected visitor.

The wedding party, on a Compo Beach jetty.

Lou was married there yesterday. As assistant town attorney (and justice of the peace) Eileen Lavigne Flug performed the ceremony, she noticed the sand moving.

Eileen Lavigne Flug, flanked by the newlyweds.

Turtles were hatching.

Suddenly, 7 little ones — diamondback terrapins, Lou thinks — emerged.

5 of the 7 baby turtles.

“It was perfect,” Lou says, “I’m a nature boy.” (In his spare time, Lou volunteers as chair of the Westport Community Gardens.)

Lou then went one step further. Right after the wedding, he called Dan DeVito at the Parks & Recreation Department. Quickly, Dan called down to the beach. Within moments, an employee strung caution tape around the area.

Lou thought this would make a nice story. He also hopes it warns people that turtles are hatching at Compo.

“This is incredibly rare, valuable and important,” Lou says. “People need to be aware, and stay away.”

A tiny diamondback terrapin.

Lou calls last night’s hatching “a fortuitous start to our married life together.”

It is a great story. I’m honored to pass it along.

But in the interest of journalism, I emailed Lou back. I wanted to include his new wife’s name too.

I haven’t heard back yet.

Hopefully, he’s on his honeymoon.

Or else he’s saving even more wildlife somewhere out there too.

UPDATE: The bride’s name is Marjorie Donalds!

Congratulations, to Lou and Marjorie!

13 responses to “Visitors Interrupt Compo Wedding Ceremony

  1. Omigod I LOVE this story!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. REVEREND Eileen Flug is the BEST!!!
    Baby Turtles =Wedding MAGIC for sure!!!

  3. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Lou’s wife is Marjorie Donalds! It was such a magical evening. Just think, now everyone is going to want baby turtles at their wedding! 🙂

    • Janette Kinnally

      What a beautiful story! The turtles hatched at the perfect moment – the beginning of your new life together! Congratulations 🎊🎉

  4. One day, those turtles will be coming back to Compo and they’ll say to each other, “Remember when we were born, Big Lou was getting married right at that moment!”
    Huge congratulations, Lou and Marjorie! May your universe signs always point positive!

  5. It looks like they had a nice shell-ebration. Good luck to the couple, and may they have a wonderful life together.

  6. Congrats to all! Great story.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Awwwwwww … love this! Makes me tear up!

  8. I heard bout the turtles from photographer Larry Silver who saw them hatching and kicked himself for not having his camera then. So thank you for letting us all see these tiny beings , and congratulations to the couple!!

  9. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    So wonderful. It is bringing tears of joy to end my day. Congratulations to the couple.

  10. Precious. Surely an omen of good things ahead. Congratulations to the new couple – years of love.

  11. Its Marjorie

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  12. Congratulations, Lou & Marjorie! This is so special.