Valerie Smith Malin’s Collective Wellness Community

As a consumer products marketer specializing in healthy skincare, Valerie Smith Malin knew the importance of holistic wellness. Exercise, nutrition, life choices — all were as crucial as the product one used.

Valerie Smith Malin

As a Westport resident since 1993, Malin knew that many residents here are interested in wellness. But as she roamed the internet looking for information, she realized lots of it was siloed.

She wanted a 1-stop shop —  a place where people could go to find out about healthy, beauty, diet, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, the whole shebang.

Malin created CollectiveWellness. The site aggregates all kinds of wellness resources. It’s a work in progress, but you can get an early peek here.

Because Malin is community-minded — online and off — she’s bringing the cyber version to her home town.

Next Friday (September 20, 11 a.m., Wakeman Town Farm), Westporter (and fellow Westport Young Woman’s League member) Beth Atlas will speak about “Natural Remedies for Anxiety.”

“There’s so much anxiety today — the political climate, job insecurity, healthcare,” Malin says.

“I’m in the sandwich generation. Our parents are getting older, and we’re also caring for our kids. Beth talks about anxiety, from a wellness perspective.”

It’s all well and good.

(For tickets to Beth Atlas’ presentation, click here.)

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