Staples Class Of ’69 Rocks On

No reunions!

That’s my usual response when organizers ask me to publicize their upcoming or recent event. If I do one, I say, I’ll have to do them all. And — sorry, guys! — your reunion just isn’t that interesting to 99.99% of “06880”‘s daily readers.

But rules are made to be broken. And if any class has experience breaking rules, it’s the rockin’, rollin’ Staples High School class of 1969.

So here goes:

Last weekend, 131 no-longer-teenage-but-still-young-at-heart former Wreckers gathered for their 50th (!) reunion.

There were no cell phones — or selfies — back in 1969. In 2019, these reunion-goers make the most of theirs.

They were rebels, back in the day. But in 2019, they got a ton of help from all corners of the town they grew up in. Former — and still — class president Peter Krieg reports:

Assistant principal Rich Franzis was a tremendous help. He helped prep Krieg for his tour of the “new” school, worked with Geno Heiter to post 1969 visuals on the lobby TV screen, and enlisted head custodian Horace Lewis and one of Lewis’ staff to guide the group around.

Not far from a banner welcoming the Class of 2023 to the “new” Staples, the Class of 1969 gathered for a group photo.

The tour culminated in the library, where librarian Jen Cirino helped screen the “High School That Rocked” movie. The film depicts the amazing (Doors, Yardbirds, Cream, Sly & the Family Stone, Rascals, Animals, Beau Brummels) concerts that so many of those former Stapleites attended.

Producer Fred Cantor — the young (Class of ’71) producer — was there.

So was former social studies teacher and administrator Gordon Hall. Now in his 90s — and living in the same Westport home as then — he spoke to the returning alums.

“He was inspiring, knowledgeable and very funny,” Krieg reports. “His comments about retirement were not just appropriate; they were a teaching moment for us.”

Krieg is giving gifts to everyone who helped. Hall, for example, will receive a framed photo of his talk.

New Staples principal Stafford Thomas gets one too. (“He was keenly interested in ‘The High School That Rocked,'” Krieg says — even though he had not yet been born when those bands were hot.)

The way we were … or at least, the way we think we were, today.

Krieg gives a shout-out to Westport’s Parks & Recreation Department as well. They provided great help for the Saturday night Compo Beach party: tent permits, use of the Ned Dimes Marina, and passes for vehicles.

The marina building was decorated with professionally produced ’69 posters and memorabilia. Organizers raffled off 3 unique pieces of art. They’ll donate (appropriately) $1,969 of the proceeds to Staples Tuition Grants.

Of course, no reunion is complete with a party at the Black Duck. Pete Aitkin hosted a boisterous crew on Friday night.

“The support we got from the school, from one of our teachers, and the town was really special,” says Krieg.

“This was Westport at its best. It felt like the Westport of old. In some ways, Westport hasn’t changed at all.”

Neither have the members of Staples High School’s Class of 1969.

Even if they did graduate half a century ago.

It’s been 50 years. But some friendships never fade.

8 responses to “Staples Class Of ’69 Rocks On

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70 BA, MA, JDE

    A great bunch…….lots of memories

  2. Thanks, Dan! You really captured the emotion as well as the facts.

  3. The woman at the far right in the top photo is a good friend of mine. Her high school is the same one my kids went to.

    E. Bruce Borner 2 Hideaway Lane Westport CT 06880


  4. David Harrison

    So delighted to read that Gordon Hall attended that reunion and that he spoke to the group. In 1969, Gordon was still one of my roll model mentors; he was a gifted
    U S History teacher (later to become a less than gifted school administrator.)

    Here’s a “did you know:” in their yearbook senior class superlatives, the Class of ‘69 selected Marianne and me as their “Class Couple.” We sure got a kick out the designation…coming just a couple of months before we were married!

  5. It was a pleasure and an honor to be invited to attend the wonderful Staples Class of 1969’s reunion. What an amazing bunch of good folks. And…on the horizon….the Staples Class of 1970 50th looms. And another chance for SMOKE to rock on with our Class!

  6. Luisa Francoeur

    Did any of the participants attend Kings Highway Elementary? My parents sent me to private school beginning in 7th grade so I would only know individuals who went to KHS.

  7. Laurie Sugarman-Whittier

    Luisa Francoeur–I was there and I remember we were friends at Kings Highway, Also there were Lynn Sametz and Mike Vlahos, and I’m sure several more I’m not remembering. I always wondered why you disappeared!

  8. I

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