Pic Of The Day #876

Our Minute Man (Photo/Tim Woodruff)

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #876

  1. A strong and handsome face!

  2. Great photo !

  3. Given the significance of this day in our history, I think you’ve all missed the point of this image.

    • A good, important point. People seem to forget that on September 10, 1846, the first patent for a sewing machine was awarded by the United States Patent Office to Elias Howe from Spencer, Massachusetts. This photo should serve as a reminder to us all of the significance that has had in efficiently clothing handsome models in modern times. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Peter Gambaccini

      No one’s missed the point

  4. According to a June 17, 1910, article in The Westporter-Herald, the statue’s sculptor, H. Daniel Webster, modeled the clay version using then Westport First Selectman Lewis P. Wakeman as his model.