Photo Challenge #245

The goal of every Sunday Photo Challenge is the same: provide a shot of a somewhat familiar Westport scene. Readers should think a bit. Responses should cover a range: many wrong ones, at least one right one. Ideally, the image should tantalize; the correct answer should elicit a smile, perhaps even a “wow.”

Most Photo Challenges are too easy — or too hard.

Last week’s hit the sweet spot.

Larry Untermeyer’s photo showed a wooden fence, surrounded by a bit of grass. (Click here to see.)

Guesses ranged — literally — all over town: Nyala Farm. Fairfield County Hunt Club. Staples High School. Kowalsky farm. Sherwood Island. Assumption Cemetery. Winslow Park. The Hilla von Rebay Arboretum. Wakeman Town Farm. A farm on Bayberry. Sasco Creek. Earthplace.

Wrong, wrong, wrong — all wrong.

The right answer came — finally — from Susan Lloyd.

The fence can be found — improbably — at Compo Beach.

That’s right: It sits in the parking area between the Ned Dimes Marina and the South Beach kayak launch.

That sound (all over town) is readers smacking their heads, saying, “Of course!”

And the next time you’re at the beach, you’ll look a little closer at that oddly sited — but very photographic — fence.

Now it’s on to this week’s Photo Challenge. Recognize it? If so, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Jo Shields)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #245

  1. Westport Senior Center ???

  2. I am thinking the photo is maybe taken at a trick angle and that is not sky in the background but water. Maybe somewhere along the Saugatuck River?

  3. WTF not the other WTF our WTF

  4. Westport Transfer Station.

  5. Westport waste station by the wall of the weigh station shack.

  6. Here is a nice photo to post of Westport in Westport >

  7. Pane Vino restaurant on post rd

  8. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    Pane Vino on PRE

  9. That new barber shop by the corner of Riverside and Treadwell

  10. Main Street Garden of Peter Hastings

  11. By Craft Butchery

  12. These are the lovely sunflowers in front of the office at the Westport transfer station (the town dump).

  13. Jonathan McClure

    I agree with the others that say the Westport Transfer Station.

  14. Correct: IT is the transfer station (aka dump). Congrats!

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