Photo Challenge #244

Whenever I post a photo of a bucolic, water-rippling-over-boulders, looks-like-Vermont-but-it’s-actually-Westport shot, the default response is: the Saugatuck, River, at Ford Road.

Sure, that’s one of Westport’s most beautiful, underrated spots.

But it’s not the only one.

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed a scene that readers thought was Ford Road. (Click here to see.) In fact, it was Newman Poses Preserve. The river is the Aspetuck.

Leigh Gage was first with the correct answer. Seth Schachter, Jonathan McClure and Alice Ely followed soon.

This hidden gem — located off Bayberry Lane and Easton Road — is the only public memorial approved by the family of the late Paul Newman as a way to honor the actor/philanthropist/race car driver/popcorn and salad dressing king. He lived nearby, and donated much of the land for the preserve.

The parcel also includes land sold to the town by Lillian Poses, a neighbor and friend of the Newmans. She worked on the New Deal in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, and was one of the first female graduates of NYU Law School.

Newman Poses Preserve is managed by the Aspetuck Land Trust. For more information, click here.

This week’s Photo Challenge is also wonderfully scenic. If you know where in Westport you’d see this — and everyone here has — click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

24 responses to “Photo Challenge #244

  1. Michael Calise


  2. Nyala?

  3. Fairfield County Hunt Club.

  4. Agreed, Nyala Farm.

  5. The Hunt club

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Staples High? Like, maybe near tennis courts? I really have no idea, LOL!

  7. All great guesses — and all wrong. You’ll be surprised when you find out where this excellent Photo Challenge is.

  8. The Hunt Club.

  9. Seth Schachter

    Kolosky farm- greens farms ????

  10. Nyla’s Farm

  11. sherwood island

  12. No one yet.

  13. Assumption Cemetery in Green’s Farms Road?

  14. Sandra Calise Cenatiempo


  15. *on

    • Sandra Calise Cenatiempo

      Just drove by the cemetery and was going to say
      Assumption but you beat me to it!!

  16. Compo along the boat basin

  17. Hilla von Rebay Arboretum
    She was an artist and co founder of the Guggenheim Museum
    Morningside Drive

  18. Joan Tricarico

    Wakeman Farm or the Farm on Bayberry

  19. Kieran J. O'Keefe

    Assumption Cemetery Greens Farms Road

  20. Seth Braunstein

    Nyala Farms

  21. Seth Schachter

    Is this the walking path off sasco creek and hedley farms rd? Seems like it could be that fence????

  22. Jonathan McClure


  23. Wow – these guesses are all over the place. But the only one who’s correct is Susan Lloyd. This photo was indeed taken at Compo Beach — the parking area between the Ned Dimes Marina and kayak launch. I guess the lack of sand threw everyone off!