World’s #1 Doubles Team Works Out In Westport

The US Open men’s doubles tennis tournament starts this morning.

Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Cabal will be there, of course. They’re ranked #1 in the world. Last month, they won Wimbledon.

But before heading to Queens, the Colombian duo spent a week in Westport. They relaxed at a home on Beachside Avenue.

Of course, they needed a place to train. Jason Mathiou — their main trainer (they travel with 2, and a tennis coach) — heard about Pinnacle Health and Fitness.

Owner Phil LiCastri welcomed them to his Post Road East facility, near the Southport line.

Robert Farah (far left) and Juan Sebastian Cabal flank Pinnacle owner Phil LiCastri (2nd from left) and personal trainer Devon Yorke.

“They are really nice guys, and incredibly fit,” Phil says. “They did a lot of agility drills, along with explosive power and strength moves.”

They were not the only elite athletes training at Pinnacle. Farah’s girlfriend — professional golfer Belén Mozo — was there too.

The tennis players say they’ll be back next year.

Hopefully with one more championship trophy.

One response to “World’s #1 Doubles Team Works Out In Westport

  1. How fun! Pinnacle is a great place. I can’t say enough good about it. I regularly work out at the Senior Center (another fabulous jewel in Westport’s crown), but Shelley at Pinnacle brought my overall fitness to a whole new level.

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