Pics Of The Day #856

The other day, Robin Tauck counted 12 terrapin turtle nests on the beach at Compo Cove. Each nesting site has dozens of turtle eggs. Robin worries that walls on nearby properties confuse the mothers, making it difficult to find a place to nest.

(Photos/Robin Tauck)

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #856

  1. How cool is that… a little bit of Costa Rica in Connecticut!

  2. Eleanor Sasso

    Can’t the town put up a protective barrier around the nests ? I’ve seen this on many beaches with a sign explaining the turtle egg process and it’s ecological significance.

  3. Bonnie Bradley

    Has anyone asked the private property owners? The protection would only have to be in place for a short time, very short from the look of the size and development of the baby turtle in the photo. I’m no expert but this seems like common sense and easily done. Dogs, skunks, gulls will snap these babies up like tasty snacks, to say nothing of the predators which await them in the water. Maybe the “nature center” (Sorry, forget the name) will help. Anyway, this is a really exciting event. In Westport! Who knew!

  4. Bobbi Essagof

    So exciting. Never knew turtles laid eggs in Westport. I seem to get most of my news from 06880 (the good stuff)