Very Special Family Visits Joey’s

Joey’s by the Shore is one of Westport’s not-so-hidden gems.

It’s got the most interesting menu of any beach place I’ve seen. Joey, Donny and the kids who work there do a great job cooking, handling crowds, and coaxing orders out of kids (and parents) who get to the cash register, look up from their iPhones and suddenly have no idea what they want.

Joey’s crew is also fanatical about keeping the place looking nice, inside and out.

One thing they should not have to do is clean up after customers.

On my way inside Sunday, I passed a family — dad, mom, 3 cute kids — eating at a patio table. The sky was blue; the vibe, wonderfully chill.

This is what I saw when I came out:

The happy family was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, they may have had an excellent excuse for leaving their gross mess:

Perhaps it was their maid’s day off.

17 responses to “Very Special Family Visits Joey’s

  1. Arline Gertzoff

    Lazy slobs is more like it.Perhaps Joey’s should add signs saying please clean up.More and more places have signs even with pictures of what goes where

  2. Dan — Did you check to see how well they parked their car?

  3. Susan Hopkins

    What is wrong with people?

    Kindergarten Rule #1: Pick up/clean up after yourselves!

  4. Right on Dan and totally consistent to the drivers who park without regards to rules and courtesy. What a sad lesson they are teaching their children….

  5. I just love your subtle humor,,,,,This behavior is called, if they are Westporters, “entitlement”. which also extends to many driving situations. You won’t find this happening in Indiana, but then you won’t find Westport there!!!! How about a subtle sign inside Joey’s to please clean up your table when you finish eating?

  6. Bruce McFadden

    Reminds me of lunch duty in the Staples cafeteria! It was someone
    else’s job to clean up the mess!

  7. If entitlement were a disease, this town would look like the Bubonic Plague hit it.

  8. Elina Lublinsky

    Well, THIS was anticlimactic, lol!

  9. Sven Davidson

    There actually is a Westport Indiana. And I’ll bet that there’s some entitlement there too.

  10. Very sad! I think you are right maid’s day off! How did they ever manage to carry tray out by themselves, no one to wait on them!

  11. Lillian A. Ferdinand

    I could rant on this subject! I spent my 1st 12 years in NYC, then moved to Westport. I was taught to put the gum wrappers in my pocket and NEVER throw trash on the ground or leave it behind. What responsibilities do the parents have to their children? All! LEAD BY EXAMPLE!
    If you’re a slob or leave trash behind for others to pick up after you, what would you expect from your kids. .

  12. Nancy Marino

    That is so rude. Children learn from their parents. So disrespectful and lazy that you cannot dump your own garbage. . These are the same people who bring their children to restaurants and let them yell and run around with no respect for anyone else. They are all too entitled

  13. What a reputation Westport has, & it’s nothing new: as a Westporter in the early 80’s I adva co-worker from another town who called this rude behavior “typical Westport”! It’s been going on a long time, but how sad to be modeling this behavior toward the “little people” in front of children! Funnily, while driving in Westport yesterday I experienced some fairly courteous road sharing- 06680-era unite!