Behind The Minute Man Wall

It’s one of the most visible properties in town.

The new Compo Road South house — finished this spring — sits just east of the Minute Man monument. It’s right next to Minute Man Hill.

But joggers, bikers and anyone driving by can’t really see it. It’s hidden by a high stone wall, topped by an equally high fence.

(Photo/Matt Murray)

Thanks to a drone and the Higgins Group website though, we get a peek at the 6-bedroom, 9-bath, 8,950-square foot home, 1-acre property. FYI, it’s “New England rustic traditional (that) interweaves with West Coast modern sensational.”

The view looking west, toward Gray’s Creek, Owenoke and Long Island Sound. The Minute Man is barely visible, near the center of the photo.

It’s quite a place. And — in an intriguing twist — the swimming pool is in front of, rather than behind, the house.

(Drone and house photos courtesy of The Higgins Group)

The asking price: $4.9 million.

But you’re too late. It’s already sold.

9 responses to “Behind The Minute Man Wall

  1. (In voice of Reagan) ” Mr. Marpe, tear down [ these ] wall(s) !

  2. How dumb to have a high wall blocking a decent view of the Creek and Minute Man….and 5 mil for for a house at a three way stop sign location? I must be missing something.

  3. Kevin McCaul

    Dan, did Arnie Kaye live at that address some decades ago?

  4. That was Easton Road, Kevin McCaul.

  5. Daring and unconventional use of the Modern Farmhouse style! Unlike any other house, built on any other tear-down lot, anywhere in Westport.

  6. Jack Whittle

    I am not a fan of walls, aside from a knee-high, authentic CT stone wall (are there any left?) – although I guess I can understand the point of a higher wall when a house is located at an intersection in such a way that headlights will shine on your house, bedroom windows, etc. all night long. This home’s location would seem to involve that issue with cars coming to a stop on Compo Beach Rd. Just a thought . . . .

  7. No wonder the A-list celebrity next door moved out.