Pic Of The Day #841

Train station tower (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

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  1. Caryl Beatus


    • Elizabeth Thibault

      It’s an interesting feat of engineering and an ode to modernity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  2. Adam Schwartz

    With all the talk these past few years of the U.S. infrastructure crumbling before our eyes, as roads and bridges collapse, are these train station towers part of the inspection process? They must have been installed way before WW2. Just curious, has the state looked at these type of structures along with the streets and highways? Or is it all up to the railroads to inspect them? Imagine one of these babies coming down in the middle of rush hour…

  3. A gifted class-mate was killed climbing on one of these in the early 1970’s. Tell your kids of their dangers and to stay away.

  4. Joshua Stein

    over the years on my walks/jogs/runs across the railroad bridge, i have paused to look up. beams rotted out were a common sight. i have seen various parts patched up but eventually the whole thing is going to have to be replaced. you can see a lot of rust along the metro north RR corridor on their infrastructure. i always wondered if it was simply metal rusting over time or if inferior / cheap metal was procured or used and its failing quicker than it should.

  5. An interesting fact is that the first bridge electrified, across the Mianus River in Greenwich, has no wires at the train level across the draw bridge–trains just glide through it.