By The Time We Got To Woodstock …

Sure, the saying goes, if you remember the ’60s, you really weren’t there.

But if you went to Woodstock, you must remember it.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of that memorable concert/party/generational earthquake, “06880” hopes to run a special story.

If you have any connection to Westport (you grew up here, you live here now, you drove through once on I-95) and to Woodstock (you went there, you wanted to go, you were conceived there), please email your memories (and photos) to

Lotta freaks! 

6 responses to “By The Time We Got To Woodstock …

  1. Dana Dorta and I were hanging by Westport Pizza when Tommy Erickson and Steve ? came through town (now the wrong way) in their used hippy post office van (keep on trucking guy). They told us to jump in they were going to a weekend concert in NY. We had no money. How would we eat? Almost jumped in anyway. Ended up going to Watkins Glen years later.

  2. They wanted to have 50th anniversary concert, but it failed. See —

    My connection? I used to live in Westport and my son’s house is in Woodstock.

  3. Elizabeth "Bette" Popovich, SHS '65

    A special story on the Woodstock Festival’s 50th Anniversary is a Great Idea! The Festival took place four miles from where my husband and I now live…in White Lake, Town of Bethel. Did I attend the ’69 “history maker”? No. Since I had just graduated from college in June, my energy and focus were given completely to my first “real job” in Manhattan. Now when I talk to friends from as far back as elementary school (Saugatuck Elementary) I mention casually that memories of “Woodstock” will most likely live on for ever. I’ve been building my collection of tie-dye t-shirts for months. Such fun!

    • Patricia Workman

      Hi Bette. It’s Pat Vaast (married name is Workman) from SHS ’65. I definitely remember you from school. Funny story, my husband and I just visited the Bethel Woods Center the other day. It’s so beautiful and I’m awed to read that you live nearby it. I was at Woodstock ’69 and just sent Dan a writeup from my own experience. I can’t wait to read about other attendees. We also stopped at the Woodstock Oasis Country Store. The owner was very nice and had lots of tie-dye shirts! In fact, while we were there, he was being interviewed by a USA Today reporter for the upcoming Anniversary of Woodstock. Yes, such fun!

      • Elizabeth "Bette" Popovich, SHS '65

        Hi Pat….so wonderful to hear from you!!! I sure do remember you from school. Thank you for contacting me. The next time you and your husband come to the mountains, let’s meet at The Fat Lady Café, on Kauneonga Lake (another name for White Lake)….my treat.

  4. I grew up in Westport but at the time my family was in Stamford and I was attending college at Northeastern in Boston. I remember a large billboard advertising the festival on I-95 in Stamford that they changed twice with the location of the event changing. It was also the day of the first game between the Jets and Giants, being played at the Yale Bowl (the Jets won, leaving to the end of Ally Sherman’s coaching tenure with the Giants). Alas, I attended neither one as I was on the train to Boston to take care of an incomplete from the previous term in college.. Fortunately, I had a parlor car seat on the train as it was standing room only to New Haven, being filled with football fans.