Westport’s Newest — And Tiniest? — Town Park

In 2011 a pair of tiny cottages were damaged beyond repair, by 2 successive storms: Irene and Sandy.

The homes sat on tiny parcels of land. One was just .005 acre.

But they were known to everyone — at least, everyone who knows about the footbridges connecting Old Mill with Compo Cove. The cottages were on the right (Long Island Sound) side, between the bridges.

The town bought the cottages — for $1,111,650. But every penny was reimbursed, thanks to FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

The structures were torn down. For a few years, the land sat vacant.

It’s still empty. It’s still beloved by fishermen.

But now it’s also been spruced up. There’s a garden, and a granite slab for sitting.

Welcome to Westport’s newest park. It’s probably also the smallest.

Now all it needs is a name.

(Photos/Amy Schneider)

21 responses to “Westport’s Newest — And Tiniest? — Town Park

  1. Tiny Cottages Park. Seems appropriate

  2. How about THE BEAUTIFUL POND POCKET PARK in honor of Judith Katzs lovely book that does such honor to the old mill pond? So happy to hear the story of the park which I happened upon by accident a few days ago and wondered how it came to be. Maybe a small plaque with a photo of the old cottages and a short history would do the trick.

  3. Is it possible for former townies to access in the off season by parking @Old Mill? I used to know someone who lived way out on the spit. I thought that was accessed by car, but I’d love to visit this small park in the Fall for free.

  4. Barry Tashian

    Old Mill Park

  5. Paradise found!!

  6. Wendy Crowther

    I think an appropriate name could be “Tide Mill Park” or “Tide Mill Overlook.” This area was once the location of a tide mill (the grindstone was turned via the action of the incoming and outgoing tide). The mill was destroyed by fire on two occasions; each time it was rebuilt. Historical writings always refer to “The Tide Mill at Compo.” Today, tide gates control the water exchange in the pond. Referencing the Tide Mills in naming the park would be a nice homage to an important part of Westport’s history in this location. The mills were a huge part of Westport’s economy in the 1700 and 1800s.


  8. Well, knowing the families that lived there, I would vote for Kellogg-Frankel (so?) Park.

  9. Richard Fogel


  10. Would be nice to name it after Alan Raymond not only is Alan deserving for all that he’s done for Westport but Alan and his family lived and still owns a house at the Cove.
    Greg PUHY

  11. David Trulove

    Remember, Teresa Collins (class of ’69)

  12. Kevin McCaul

    The Kenny Montgomery Memorial Park

    Does the low tide effluvium remind you of…?

  13. Deborah Kendig

    Hurricane Point Park

    • Wendy Crowther

      Hah! Previous to recent times, at least one former house on or directly adjacent to this site was swept off its piers in the 1954 hurricane according to Capt’n Walter Allen of Allen’s Clam House fame. I have a copy his brief note on the topic.

  14. Claudia Schattman

    The little park is a tribute to Allen Raymond. There is eventually supposed to be an Inscription in the granite bench. Robin Tauck was instrumental in designing and making the park happen.
    Anyone can access the park and the walkway over the bridges.

  15. Nell Barrett

    We would like to suggest the “Paul Greene Inspiration Park” as the name. As many of us will remember, Paul Greene was the king of Old Mill, and an inspiration to us all at all ages and stages of his life. He loved that view; he used that view, he encouraged all of us to get out there and enjoy that view.