Pics Of The Day #818

Sunday evening, at Compo Beach … (Photo/Jennifer Kobetitsch)

…. and Old Mill (Photo/Dan Woog)

3 responses to “Pics Of The Day #818

  1. Sharon Paulsen


    Thanks Dan!

  2. Both shots capture that wonderful end of day mood beautifully

  3. Charles Taylor

    Both pics remind me of Summer of ‘65 lifeguard days. Compo pic looks like our after 6 pm run ( usually 4-6 miles) when we’d grab a coke with ice from Chubby’s and sit cooling down by the guard shack. Laughing at bad jokes and girl watching were Staples that summer. I think several of the lifeguard gals had transistor radios so pop tunes from NY WINS, WABC etc. filled the cool afternoon breezes. I thank God for Westport days and Compo Beach summer of 1965! We had rational leaders in Washington then.