Newest Vending Machine: Library Laptops

The Westport Library opened its transformed space last month.

The big celebration was hardly a one-off. We’re in the midst of “30 Days of the Westport Library.”

Giveaways, demos, pop-up performances, movies, talks — there’s always something new going on there.

Lost in all the hubbub may be one of the coolest innovations of all.

Right there in the Hub — the center of all the activity — is a vending machine.

For laptops.

For the price of a library card — in other words, free — anyone 12 or older can check out a Mac or PC for up to 2 hours.

The laptop kiosk is activated by a library card — either the actual one, or the one on your app. The 7 Macs and 7 PCs are in the slots below.

They’re great for people who forget their laptops. For those who don’t like lugging them around. For kids, who love vending machines.

And for anyone else who enjoys the flexibility and technological innovations of the new library.

But — just as there are still DVDs and CDs on the floor — if you’re a desktop fan, the library’s got you covered. Three of those machines are available around the corner; 7 more are on the lower level.

They’re just not as much fun to check out.

5 responses to “Newest Vending Machine: Library Laptops

  1. Ernie Lorimer

    The day after the big opening I saw these, and poking at it saw all I needed was a Santa Clara library card. Still working the kinks out.

    I also saw that the CD collection is, what, a tenth what it was?

  2. Mark Yurkiw

    Fantastic! Love it

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Perfect. All you need to check out the digital tile wall online.

  4. Bill Coley - Staples ‘67

    I saw the new library for first time this morning and was not that impressed. Yes, the laptop vending machine is an excellent idea and the upstairs area is vast, BUT is this a library with meeting space or a meeting facility that happens to also have some books? It’s obviously the latter and for those who are looking for old fashioned “ink on paper” books, we are relegated to the cramped lower level where signage is poor and patrons have to squeeze between shelves and support posts. My grade – B+ for media services and tech services, but D- for actual books.

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Why stop with the laptop machine which is indeed perfect for when you’ve forgotten your laptop or tablet. I think a couple of Peloton machines in case you’ve misplaced your Y card. And don’t forget the Carvana machine planned for Phase II. It’s just the thing for when you’re too tired to schlep across the parking lot.