Unsung Hero #105

Last weekend’s double whammy — a wild, tree-limb-downing, power-outage- causing storm Saturday night; then an even more intense, violent and dangerous one just 18 hours later — stretched our resources to the limit.

On Sunday, the Fire Department responded to 80 calls in an hour. Police were everywhere. Emergency responders raced to deal with downed wires, trees on houses and in roads, even carbon monoxide issues.

For the rest of the day, and throughout Monday, the guys (and gals) whose business it is to handle emergencies like this did just that.

Quickly, efficiently — and often thanklessly — they restored electricity, cut trees, removed limbs, replaced wires, directed traffic, and got Westport back to normal.

A familiar scene. This is Greens Farms Road, at Rustic Lane. (Photo/Seth Schachter)

If you helped, you’re our Unsung Heroes of the Week. Without our firefighters, police, EMTs, traffic agents, Public Works crews, town engineers, utility workers. private contractors — and everyone who supports them — this town would be a mess.

You’re always there when we need you. Hopefully we won’t need you again for quite a while.

But somehow, I doubt it.

10 responses to “Unsung Hero #105

  1. Susan Ellis

    The speed and completeness of the clean-up was indeed impressive! Kudos to all the gals (and guys) who participated.

    • Théo Feldman

      Thank you, Susan, for kindly referencing the painful gaffe in the story.

  2. Heartily reciprocated

    Peter Swift

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  3. Chris Swan

    Public works crews even out today cleaning tree debris from side of road on Clapboard Hill
    Road – so heroes still working hard on July 4th!

  4. Joyce Barnhart

    The clean-up was amazingly fast and the responders deserve great praise.

    Dan, the brackets around (gals) are not necessary because it is no longer a rare and unusual thing for women to be doing jobs that were men’s work when you (and I) were young. And I hope you won’t bracket (guys) when writing about nurses and such. Men and women are nice, strong words that we should use instead of euphemisms and cutesies. And why even mention gender anyway?

    • Joyce, please don’t lecture me on political correctness or my writing style. By any objective measure, there are many more male than female “firefighters, police, EMTs, traffic agents, Public Works crews, town engineers, utility workers. private contractors.” Do you disagree? In an ideal world that would not be so. But we do not live in an ideal world.

      Comments like yours, and Susan and Theo’s above, are what drive Fox and Friends up a wall. They ultimately turn off the people you are trying to reach, and devalue your message.

      “Men and women” is a perfectly fine word choice. However, I try to write as colloquially as possible; I thought this was less formal. I mentioned gender simply because I dislike using the word “people.” I probably should have used “folks,” which would have avoided getting so many knickers twisted.

      This is a blog, not the (very unequal) Declaration of Independence. Get over it! Just enjoy the 4th, and thank the human beings who helped.

      • Joyce Barnhart

        Sorry, Dan. You are usually so open to criticism. I stand by what I wrote, but I never meant to offend you. Harry, on the other hand, I’m pleased that I irritated somebody as unpleasant as you.

        • Thanks, Joyce. I usually am open to criticism. This, I felt, was unwarranted. I appreciate your response. Happy 4th!

    • Harry Smiley

      Un F’n believable! Too hot out for snowflakes.

  5. Frannie Southworth

    Thanks to all who protect us everyday and especially in emergency situations. Grateful that you are there for our town and us individually in times of need!!!💜