Food Rescue US — And Trader Joe’s — Deliver

Sunday’s storm devastated parts of Westport. One house was demolished; a Staples graduate was killed by a falling tree in Fairfield.

Yet in the midst of tragedy, rays of light shined through. Nicole Straight — Fairfield County site director of Food Rescue US, the app that uses volunteer drivers to move fresh, usable food that would be thrown away by restaurants and grocers, to shelters, kitchens and pantries — tells “06880” of one such story.

At 6 p.m. Sunday she was in New York, enjoying the Pride parade. The manager of Trader Joe’s texted. Their power was out — and they did not want to waste all the food that might go bad.

Nicole created a Facebook ask. Within minutes 5 Food Rescue US volunteers said they’d help.

One of the many Food Rescue deliveries.

They delivered food to Westport’s Gillespie shelter, and the Open Door Shelter in Norwalk. It was Sunday night; they were 2 of the few agencies that were open.

Yesterday morning, the Trader Joe’s manager called again. He had still more usable food. Four more volunteers quickly brought it to several local organizations.

Christy Colasurdo was one of those food rescuers. She says, “It was sad to see Trader Joe’s empty freezers. But it was wonderful to know that all that food that would have been tossed has been used.

“The Gillespie Center and other places were thrilled with the crate of frozen organic chicken, gourmet ravioli and breakfast foods. They said Food Rescuers had made 4 stops there today.

“Trader Joe’s could have taken the easy route and dumped everything. But they have big hearts. They always turn to Food Rescue US when they have surplus.”

(Food Rescue US-Fairfield County is the beneficiary of a special fundraiser. “Pools, Patios, Pergolas, a Luxury Tasting Event” — hosted by KMS Partners at Compass — is set for 5 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 13, 5 pm to 9 pm. Several Westport properties will showcase their pools, patios or pergolas. Each features a different award-winning caterer and specially designed drinks. Click here for tickets.)

10 responses to “Food Rescue US — And Trader Joe’s — Deliver

  1. Nicole! You are amazing! Proud to be your friend ❤️

  2. Denise Torve

    Trader Joe’s – sung and unsung heroes. Always friendly and helpful. Always willing to go the extra mile!

  3. Holly Wheeler

    Great work Nicole and TJs!

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Thank you! Trader Joes! Thank you to the responders. You all are heroes!

  5. Ilene Mirkine

    Wonderful to hear that so much food was rescued and delivered for folks to eat, and not just get dumped. Thank you to all involved!

  6. Ellen M. Bowen

    Food Rescue US is such an amazing organization! I run the Food Rescue US-Miami site and we rescue multiple times a week and deliver to the homeless. And Trader Joes is a Food Rescue Hero for donating food that most places would have just thrown out. Bravo to both!

  7. Marcy Sansolo

    nicole is so top drawer, it’s ridiculous.

  8. Nicole, I don’t know you, but God bless you for this wonderful work that you do.

  9. Bravo to Trader Joe’s. Last Friday was my granddaughter’s birthday and they gave her a bunch of flowers for free. How nice is that!