Photo Challenge #235

With everything going on last Sunday — beautiful weather, the opening of the Westport Library, the Tom Petty Project at the Levitt — “06880” readers can be forgiven for not having the “time” to spend on our Photo Challenge.

“Time” is in quotes because Lynn Untermeyer Miller’s image showed a big, handsome, old-fashioned clock. (Click here to see.)

A couple of people thought it was at the train station. A smart guess — but wrong.

Then came many more stabs. I hinted it was “near” the station. More wrong guesses: Bistro du Soleil. The fire station. Bridge Square. Viva’s. Nope!

Finally — on Tuesday afternoon at 3:01 — Jonathan McClure admitted he was guessing, and said: Rive Bistro.


The clock (which is broken — stuck at 12:26) is on the patio outside the Riverside Avenue restaurant. It must be one of those landmarks we all pass, but never notice.

I don’t know why it’s there — or where it came from originally. If you do, click “Comments” below.

And click for this week’s Photo Challenge too. It’s a beautiful house — and still standing. Do you know where?

(Photo/Peter Barlow)

32 responses to “Photo Challenge #235

  1. Jeff Giannone

    By Barron’s South?

  2. Michael Calise

    Looks close but not quite Bridge Street

  3. Michael Calise

    Former Ned Dimes house

  4. Good guesses, but no.

  5. Bridge street

  6. Nadine Tanen

    Main Street – love that house – would be interested in its history.

  7. Robert Mitchell

    Long Lots Road

  8. So far, all are wrong. Keep guessing.

  9. Saugatuck Congregational Parsonage?

  10. Shirlee Gordon

    Riverside near the church

  11. No one has come close.Hint: It’s visible from a main road, but is on some kind of property.

  12. Will Luedke

    Long Lots near North Avenue.

  13. Richard R. Craig

    Somewhere on Riverside. If not there then on on long lots road.

  14. Kieran O'Keefe

    Nyala Farms visible rom Greens Farms Rd

  15. Richard R. Craig

    Is it on the former hall-brooke hospital property? Now, st. Vincent’s hospital?

  16. Morley Boyd

    Is this the little house at Nyala Farm?

  17. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    I know that I know this house. I was tempted to type two comments earlier: 1) Don’t let Morley guess, he knows too much about the wonderful old homes in Westport and 2) The posted sign on the door worries me and I wanted to say get Morley out there to investigate before this house disappear,.

  18. Congratulations, Kieran and Morley. It is the house at the Nyala Farm (Bridgewater/former Stauffer Chemical) office complex off the Sherwood Island Connector, visible from Greens Farms Road. Well done!

  19. A. Darcy Sledge

    Good thing he took the photo at 12 today and not 2… it was crazy!

  20. Susan Lloyd

    It was where the dairy farm manager lived

  21. Michael Calise

    Home of the Horace Lanute family

  22. Cathy Barnett

    Just wondering if that house is a private residence or used by the office complex? Not as charming a view of the house from GF Rd, chain across the entry and surrounded by trees

  23. Bob Weingarten

    For you history buffs: This house was built by George Fairchild, Sr. in 1879 from land he purchased from Frederick Sherwood in 1864. After a few other owners, Edward T. Bedford purchased it in 1913 and it was used as the herdsman house. The house was passed to Frederick T. Bedford in 1931. During WW2 the house was occupied by Ruth Bedford Foster. It was purchased Stauffer Chemical company in 1970 and used as a corporate guest house. Now it is part of the Nyala Farms property.

    • Susan Lloyd

      At one point when it as facing demolition, the house was available to purchase for $1. the catch was that the purchaser would have to pay to move it

  24. That house was slated to be demolished, way back when I was chairman of the Historic District Commission and I made an appointment with the powers that be at Stauffer’s, who owned the property at that time, and pleaded with them to save the historic house. The reason given for the demolition was that the fire chief felt it was too close to the main building for safety’s sake. The Company agreed not to demolish the house. They restored and refurbished it and used it as a guest house for visitors.

    • Thanks for saving it!

      Too bad it’s really not visible from the road. And I’m sure it’s not much used in that corporate park. It would be nice to see it moved and lived in.

      How about at 24 Morningside Dr. South? 😉 – chris woods

  25. Morley Boyd

    Thank you for your leadership and timely intervention, Eve. I’ve always loved this little pattern book house but was unaware that it once faced demolition.
    Today’s Historic District Commission, a smoldering bus wreck of an agency that the town has, for whatever reason, decided to let burn, would very likely side with Fire Department – just to stick it to local preservationists.

  26. Elaine Marino

    What is the house number on Greens Farms Road? Thanks!


    • Wendy Cusick

      It doesn’t have a house number it’s owned by Bridgwater at Nyala Farm.

  27. Bob Weingarten

    The old house number was 230 Greens Farms Road but Wendy is correct that this house number is no longer valid.