Photo Challenge #234

Wow — last week’s Photo Challenge was harder than I thought.

The image itself was obvious: an aerial photo of Staples High School, in its autumnal glory. (Click here for the great shot.)

The challenge was: Where in Westport can you see the actual photograph?

There were plenty of incorrect guesses: Westport Library, the Senior Center, the Board of Education office, Rolnick Observatory, a charging station (!), even Staples itself.

Here’s the correct answer: It hangs in Town Hall — on the main floor, around the first corner to the right as you walk in the front door. To be precise: near the tree warden and Conservation Commission’s office.

It’s just part of a remarkable series of aerial photos, all taken by Larry Untermeyer a few years ago. They provide a great, comprehensive, beautiful bird’s-eye view of our town.

Congratulations Matt Murray, Tammy Barry, Patti Brill, Wanda Tedesco, Bruce Salvo and Andrew Colabella. You must spend a lot of time at Town Hall.

The rest of you: Go see the photos for yourselves!

Now it’s “time” for this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #234

  1. Jo Ann Flaum

    Train station

  2. Seth Schachter

    Westport (Saugatuck)Train Station

  3. No, sorry. Not the train station. Not too far from there, but definitely not the station. Good guess though!

    • Seth Schachter

      hmmm – how about the Westport Hose Station (Fire Station) in Saugatuck

  4. Interesting — the clock doesn’t seem to have a minute hand, unless the small dial at the bottom serves as one. I would put it at the Fire Station, which might have a special use for such a timepiece.

  5. No one has gotten this yet. You’ll be amazed when someone gets the right answer (or next Sunday, if no one does…).

  6. Wendy Cusick

    Clock is on the property of where Bridge St Market used to be, the stairs down to the boat docks and used to be a fish market down their too I believe.
    Corner of Bridge St and Riverside Ave next to the Saugatuck Fire Station Engine 4.
    I can’t remember all the names in that little corner L shape mall and offices upstairs now. Dry cleaners, Dunkin Donuts, liquor store, sushi place etc…

    • Sorry, Wendy — that’s not where it is!

      But Bridge Square is a great little shopping center. And the view from the upper deck (available to tenants) is spectacular.

  7. Barbara Sherburne, '67

    I haven’t been in Westport in many, many years. Is there a bank close to the train station? My first guess was the train station.

  8. Wendy Cusick

    I came through Westport from Norwalk today my normal route of Rt 136 (Saugatuck Ave) took a right at Ferry Ln under the train underpass and right turn onto Riverside Ave. I stopped at the red light at Minuteman Cleaners (Charles St and Riverside Ave) I remembered the photo challenge.
    I drove all over down Riverside Ave, then Saugatuck, Railroad Place, then Charles. The only streets I didn’t go down were Franklin and Ketchum.
    The old bank (now empty for the moment I believe a realtor will be moving soon) next to Tarry Lodge doesn’t have a clock that’s obvious.
    I’m thinking this clock is possibly behind the mechanic shop and the cleaners in the inner lot?
    Maybe the restaurant Via Zapata?
    Maybe old Saugatuck post office? Bistro du Soleil and now former Westport Auction (which just moved to Norwalk US RT 1)
    Maybe inside Donut Crazy (even though it’s at the train station but not on the platform)
    I bet this clock is really obvious….

  9. Jonathan McClure

    Viva Zapata’s?

  10. Nope!

  11. Joyce Barnhart

    Sconset Square? (Is it still called that?)

  12. The Black Duck?

  13. Sorry, no. The clock is further from the train station than that.

  14. Sharon Paulsen


  15. Jonathan McClure

    Still just a guess…..Rive Bistro?

    • Yes!!!!!! Congrats. It’s on the patio, right next to the main entrance. It must be one of those landmarks everyone walks by, but never notices. Good guess!