Four-Play At Town Hall

Alert readers who have sent in Entitled Parking photos (and your numbers are legion) know that I often reply, “Sorry. The bar is set very high. The driver must take up at least 3 spaces, or be so jaw-droppingly selfish he attempted something no one ever thought of before.”

Today’s winner managed to take park in not 3, but different Town Hall spots.

There is someone behind him, but he’s probably sticking out into the lane.

And please: Do not say the driver may have had a medical emergency.

Actually, it’s our medical problem. He made our heads explode.

14 responses to “Four-Play At Town Hall

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Well, at least we know the driver’s name might be “Ted” 😂

  2. Pat Saviano

    Too bad someone didn’t park in front of him as well so he couldn’t get out.

  3. Cristina Negrin

    I love these stories!

  4. At first I was laughing because I couldn’t believe this. Then it dawned on me, if these people park this way, how is their driving!? Whether they are entitled, lazy, senile, under the influence .. then you throw in all of the 16yr olds driving their friends before they’re allowed, people crashing into store fronts and parents trying to push their triplets in the stroller while holding a Starbucks in one hand and a phone in the other. Thanks Dan for trying to open our eyes here, I think these are important issues, I hope it doesn’t take a tragedy for people to start behaving more responsibly.

  5. Richard Fogel

    I think the driver is Jack LaLane,the exercise man. Can we find other things to ridicule? foe example,what constitutes a lie? What is a fact? How to discern the difference.

    • Jack LaLanne died in 2011, so if this was him it’s still a pretty good parking job all things considered.

  6. Bart Shuldman

    Interesting-all the ‘entitled’ posters who post when it’s a nicer car seem to be gone. I guess it is not only the so called entitled, now is it? Too funny but very transparent.

    Bart Shuldman

  7. Richard Fogel

    Lets say the driver was dropping off many items or equipment to town hall. Perhaps the trunk was full and the interior space was full ie college drop off,so the owner required space to unload. Frankly before you ridicule and bully on line find out the truth. Wait. Stop the assumptions and your personal bias. You are engaging in on line bullying. You are better then that,I think. Why dont we try to speak to such unusual parking and wait to hear the truth. Stop the bullying. Stop the ridicule. Get an answer from the driver.

  8. Joyce Barnhart

    Since this is a town parking lot, not a private one, it could have been ticketed easily. And wouldn’t we all rejoice at that?!